Online Estate Agency “” launches soon…

With the news of a new competitive online estate agency about to launch at the end of January, looks set to give Rightmove and Zoopla a run for their money.
(See article here).  Promising to “have a unique collection of agents and properties presented in the most modern and user-friendly website”. So, as well as there being another online estate agency to choose from, there is also the chance that unanswered phone calls may send your client to another estate agent. The Telegraph also headlined a recent article suggesting that 2015 will be a difficult year to sell. (See here).

So, how does your online estate agency stand out from your competitors?

At Face for Business, we call answer for numerous estate agents, including a growing amount of online agencies. Our clients from this sector welcome our service as we ask their callers exactly what they want to know, giving our call handling service a competitive edge. Therefore, our PAs know exactly what to ask when taking calls for you. The other benefit is that with our outsourced reception facility, you can transfer your calls to us some of the time – during lunch breaks, peak periods or for holiday cover – or all of the time as an overflow to your usual call answering facility. 

An example of the challenges Estate Agents face.

It’s approaching one of your busier times, your staff are dealing with walk-in enquiries, and you have more incoming lines than staff in the office at that time.  The extra phones ringing and not being answered may make your staff may feel under pressure to answer the phone, leaving visitors to your agency whilst they answer the extra calls.  Clients may then feel devalued.  Alternatively, if you leave the phone, what impression does that give your visitors or the caller being left unanswered? 

One simple solution.

You can eradicate this by using our call handling provision as your outsourced reception. It works by simply setting your phone to divert to us when unanswered after a certain number of rings. Our highly skilled, professional, polite and knowledgeable PAs answer your call – the caller will not know that it has not been answered in your office. We take the exact details you require, and once the call has ended a message goes straight to your inbox, where you’ll pick it up and call the enquirer back. Watch our quick video on outsourcing calls here. 


Call answering services for Clients Like You

Now, with Rightmove suggesting that “vendors would need to work hard in 2015 to complete a sale”, and that “2015 will be the year of the selective mover”, you may want to delve in deeper to see what we, as a call answering service, can do for you.  See our Clients Like You section for further proof on how our call handling can benefit your company. 


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