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David Rutley, the MP for Macclesfield mentioned in a recent blog post that he would like to see first-time employers looking to recruit staff for the first time.  David goes on to say that people should take on the roles of entrepreneur and employer to create more opportunities in the job market, as they are more likely to recruit unemployed people.

What are your thoughts on employing people for the first time?

Are you an entrepreneur, or a small business owner without any employees? What are your thoughts on taking the next steps into being an employer? What are you fears or apprehensions about taking on employees? Are you worried about how they’ll understand your business? Are you concerned about them being loyal or dedicated? If you are finding that you are in a position where calls into your business are increasing, maybe you should consider using Face for Business as your call handler? Not only can we answer your calls for you when you’re not in the office or at a meeting, your calls can be diverted to us when you are actually on the phone.

Consider using a call handling company such as Face for Business

The way in which our telephone answering systems works means that no more new client enquiries will be missed. Once we’ve answered the call on your behalf, a message gets sent directly to you, and you can prioritise your call backs. We have many sole traders as clients, and they have found our service invaluable…

Quotes from clients…

Having a call answering service means that I don’t have to worry about missing any calls, which could be a new client. I also have the back-up support which means that my dedicated PA takes detailed messages for me from my callers.  Juicy Visual.

I love not to have to take every call, saving me time every time I switch the service on. Matthews Computers

I was previously using a standard voice mail answering machine for the calls I was unable to take, which was certainly not ideal. Using Face for Business has given me the confidence to show my business in a new positive light for all existing and new clients. Charles Lucas

We, at Fhoenix Financial Services, are happy in the knowledge that no calls are missed and that we have a dedicated PA for our company, which we feel gives a personal touch and continuity of service for when our clients call up. Fhoenix Financial Services.

For a full list of out Testimonials, see here.

Saving you the cost of a full-time receptionist

So, before you do take the brave big step into employment, contemplate using Face for Business as an intermediary. Not only can we help build your confidence and trust in other people, we can also save you the cost of a full-time receptionist. For further encouragement, please have a look at our blog posts on cost saving and outsourcing…

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