Are your phones too busy?


Would you like a solution to your missed calls? Are you worried about your calls not being answered whilst you are out at a valuation, viewing or meeting? Is your team often busy with visitors asking your negotiators for property particulars? If so, Face for Business’ Outsourced Reception can help.



Understanding the nature of your phone calls

With an outsourced reception, your calls are diverted to our PA’s who will answer your telephone calls on your behalf. We’ll answer the phone in your name, as if we work in your estate agency, and have a seamless service which ensures that we are knowledgeable on your whereabouts. We get to understand the nature of your business and know that a large number of your calls will be relating to viewings and valuations and requests for information. We will liaise with you prior to your seven day free trial to obtain the information you want collecting, and the information is cascaded to your lead PA and her team. See here for information on how we work with our clients from your field of business. 

Outsourced reception with Face for Business

Outsourced reception also means that Face for Business can answer your calls as and when necessary. If you are out of the office, your landlines are engaged or if you’re on your mobile, then your calls will automatically be diverted to us, to avoid missing those key business opportunities. Potential clients won’t need to try your competitor as they will have received a great customer service from your agency, and will have left the relevant information in order for a call back.


Cost effective call answering solutions

The benefits of outsourced reception are that you can have a cost effective solution to the busier periods during your day/week.  You also have cover for lunchtimes, holidays or sickness and above all, have a service that you can trust to take the appropriate caller information, which is relayed back to you in the form of a text message or email (your choice). Plus, all our PAs are friendly, polite and professional and personable! (See our PA blog post here).

Let Face for Business save those calls that are missed. Please give us a call to discuss your agency’s needs on 0845 031 3232. Or, complete our free trial form here.

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