Why should Face for Business be answering your calls for you?


Because we’re experienced, knowledgeable, and take your call considerations into account!


What are the important factors to take into consideration when trusting a telephone answering service to handle your calls?

• Taking accurate details?
• Preparing accurate messages?
• A knowledgeable receptionist?
• Answering the phone promptly?
• Having an understanding of the types of transfers you want?
• Knowing the terminology of your line of business?

Outsourced Reception Solutions

You can also take advantage of our Outsourced Reception solution, and use us as little or as often as you like. Negotiators on the phone? Receptionists dealing with visitors? Administration staff on lunch? You can divert your calls to us, and we’ll take the overflow calls for you. It’s a win-win situation for you!

Be confident that no calls are missed

Face for Business can help you overcome the challenge of capturing all calls and managing the information that comes into your estate agency. You can be confident in the fact that your calls are not being left unanswered whilst you are out at a viewing or valuation or whether you are helping a visitor to your agency to find that dream house. This can be a major concern for most estate agents, as missed calls really do mean missed opportunities.

Our PAs have excellent working relationships with their clients

Our PA’s have excellent working relationships with their clients, which helps to keep abreast of current business activities. If there are new instructions, new members of staff, a new area covered, particular instructions for particular vendors, our PAs act on your behalf, as if they are in the same office as you. Our service is seamless, and with 99% of our clients being satisfied that our PAs knows their businesses well, this proves that the systems we have in place are working. (Taken from our first client satisfaction survey – Link to survey).

Bespoke portal and answer screen

We have a bespoke portal, which complements our answer screen and its status, and again, these are efficient working tools updated by our clients or PAs. Your PA will call you on a regular basis to gain feedback, and to make sure that our service is going well for you.

Have a look at our case study and Testimonials from clients in your line of business. Then call us on 0845 031 3232 for your 7-day free trial.

Don’t let your unanswered phone calls go to your competitors, let us capture those important details for you!