Genius Invention!

We’ve just discovered the fairly new kid on the technological block, which comes in the form of a location transmitter that can send you notifications in relation to items on sale nearby! This sounds like a genius invention for retail marketers – sending push notifications to IOS devices in the area, appraising them of your service/offering.


The iBeacon is reputed to:-

• Tell retailers how long a person stays in a store for
• Give retailers an idea of the kinds of products people were looking at
• Be able to track when a device has been in the store, for how long and what departments they visited
• Be able to make payment at till points
• Be able to track goods in trucks or ships (or cars etc)
• Provide information about nearby events

Apple, Waitrose and Tesco have been testing the iBeacon in its stores. It’s even been tested at Heathrow Airport, to make boarding passes more accessible at security checkpoints.


How the iBeacon works

The iBeacon works along the same lines as a Bluetooth transmitter, and will be used in conjunction with compatible devices/apps. The apps connects to the iBeacon and will then send out signals from the physical outlets using the iBeacon. Currently, the hardware can be purchased in the following formats: coin cell device, USB stick or a blue-tooth enable dongle. It is reported that these devices can be purchased for just under £4.00.

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