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Face for Business, a UK call handling service and outsourced reception provider, is approaching its second birthday, and we’re pleased to be able to report that our client base is steadily growing, and a number of our clients have come to us from our competitors, which is excellent news for us!  This proves that we are doing something right and maybe something different?


What do we think makes us stand out from the rest?

We think are PAs are first-class and second to none. We have a rather vigorous recruitment process in place, which ensures that we select the right PAs to look after our client’s calls. Even if the PAs pass the recruitment process they still have a 3-4 week training period with our Lead PAs.
When we look for a PA, we’re looking for someone with particular qualities, and we think this is the key to retaining our customers.

Client’s call answering requirements

Not only do we recruit the correct calibre of candidates, we also ensure that we ask our clients the correct questions prior to our 7-day free trial, to ensure that we are capturing the correct details from their callers. Our bespoke call answering screen enables us to identify what information our client requires in order to respond to their messages. We take time to understand the needs of our clients, and build up a relationship prior to them going live. The process from sales to set-up to going live is seamless and quite simple, really.

More telephone answering advantages with Face for Business

Not only do we have excellent PAs, and a fabulous online portal, we also offer our clients the facility to listen back to their calls. This is beneficial for a few of reasons – our clients can listen to the manner in which their PAs speak with their customers. Our clients can then provide feedback on each call, which allows us to monitor the performance of our PAs and their call handling. The call recorded also allows you to gain an insight into your new client, which can be helpful for your call backs. All in all, our system has been designed with an open and honest policy in mind – we want our clients (you) to be happy with the service we provide. Our PAs are delighted when they receive positive feedback, and any negative feedback is followed up by our Office Manager. Face for Business really do go the extra mile for our clients!

Why are we the UK’s favourite telephone answering service?

Quite simply, because we care. However, since we’ve been operating we have had several clients leave us thinking they’ll get a better service elsewhere, which was more cost effective. 6/7 returned to us as we clearly demonstrated overall quality in value and service, as we do set out to achieve our mission statement in all ways possible. “to become the UK’s best virtual PA/receptionist provider, by going the extra mile for our customers…”.

Want to hear from our clients?

Take a peek at these sound-bites from our customer testimonials.

We are finding that we’re capturing more clients with FFB, and the calls are handled excellently.
-Lip Doctor

I am often out with clients for hours at a time, I rely on Face for Business to take any calls for me.
– Juicy Visual, Freelance Graphic Designer

We saved in excess of 75% on our call handling costs.
– The Moneytree Group,  Financial Advisers

I run a very busy driving school, I was missing so many calls. But now, thanks to Face for Business, all calls we receive are being answered.
– Learn Driving UK

Our client calls are captured and dealt with professionally and consistently, whilst making sure that we do not miss any important opportunities.
– Buckley Frayne Estate Agents


Dorian West Driving School - A Returning Client

Dorian West Driving School was using a bespoke call answering service for driving instructors before he moved to Face for Business. His main callers were new pupils ringing up to enquire about prices, and also to book lessons. However, Dorian found that he was not receiving the service he expected and came to us with a view to using our unique driving school packages, which incorporate a diary management system.


I’m finding that the service and messages I receive from Face for Business is much more comprehensive than the service I received from a previous call handling service. My messages from my PA now include all the relevant information I need to make an informed call back to my new pupils. I also prefer the way Face for Business send my messages to me immediately.

Another reason why I chose to use Face for Business is that they offer call recording, and this enables to me judge the quality of my calls and to monitor my PAs performance. This aspect is very helpful for me, as it also allows me to send constructive feedback, which I was not offered in the other service I used.

All in all, I am very happy with Face for Business’ service and the quality of their messages and extra facilities on offer.

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