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We came across an article by Don Pepper, (Peppers & Rogers Group) who believes ‘humanity’ is the key to any effective call centre ethos!  Have a read of his article here.

The whole aim of the feature is to appraise companies, such as Face for Business, and our peers, of the effect you can have on a customer.  Although it appears that the world is becoming more automated, it seems that Don is favouring the ‘human’ and ‘empathy’ approach.  Even in this modern age, young people (18-30 year old bracket) still want to ‘speak’ to someone.


So what difference does a human voice make?

Well, in terms of Face for Business and the call handling we do on behalf of our clients, it means that if there is a query, we have PAs who take calls on behalf of our clients, and they can talk the problem through. In terms of caller satisfaction, have a look at our Caller Satisfaction Survey InfoGraphic, which shows that people want to speak to someone on the other end of the phone. Callers get frustrated talking to an answer machine, and will generally hang up. The other main issue to note, is that people will hang up after three rings. Therefore, if you’re unable to answer the phone, divert it to us and we’ll happily take your calls for you!

The telephone is still the preferred method of contact

The survey also shows that people still prefer to use the phone as the preferred method of contact. So, if you rely on your phone calls to uphold your customer service image, you will want a telephone answering service to capture the calls that you can’t! As Don suggests, if a customer does have a complaint, humanity lends to a better phone experience rather than getting through to an automated system. Therefore, our PAs are here to take details of the call and are able to assure the caller that the message will be passed on.


Missed calls can be missed business opportunities

There is always room for improvement in terms of managing your incoming phone calls, and after all, missed calls could equate to missed business. Don suggests that having someone on the other end of the phone who can emphathise with your situation can be a rewarding experience! And at Face for Business, our PAs are personable, professional and polite. Replace your answering machine, with a friendly and knowledgeable voice!


Face for Business makes it their business to know yours!

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