Face for Business IFAs

Face for Business is proud to be open and honest, and strives to provide the best possible call answering service for its clients. Our main ethos is to ensure that our client’s requirements are fully met.  So whether they’re a financial adviser, estate agent, driving school, independent business or large corporate company (to name but a few), we have a call handling solution for you!


Excellent telephone answering provision at FFB

Face for Business has a number of functions in place to ensure that we are providing our clients with an excellent telephone answering provision. We have a bespoke call answering screen that our PAs complete when on a call. This screen has been designed with the client in mind, and during set-up via a screen sharing portal, our PAs are able to ask clients what their needs are.

As well as the call answering screen, we also have a feedback function. If any of our clients log in to their portal, they can view and LISTEN to their messages. In accordance with our open and honest policy here at Face for Business, we allow our clients to listen to their calls. This is beneficial in two ways:-

Our clients can listen to their callers

Sometimes, depending on the line of business you are in, you may want to get a feel for the person you are calling back. With our bespoke client portal, you can log in to the system (which is totally secure) and choose which calls you want to listen to. You can listen back to the whole message and get to know your caller before you ring them back. This function also comes in useful for our clients in the financial sector, as they have the ability to take notes down from the caller, and they can also download the call to keep and attach to client files.

Our clients can provide feedback

The other plus side to having all our calls recorded is that Face for Business’ clients can listen to the manner in which their calls are handled! All our PAs undergo a very rigourous interview and training process, and only go ‘live’ once our training managers are completely satisfied with the PAs ability to take calls, as we and our clients expect. Having the option to listen back to their calls also provides our clients with a ‘feedback’ option. By pressing a couple of buttons, our clients can let us know how they found the call, and we will immediately act upon any unfavourable feedback, and incorporate these suggestions into further training. We take all feedback seriously, and on the plus side, our PAs are delighted when they receive positive feedback in relation to their call handling.

We’re 100% committed to providing you with the best service, so our PAs are targeted on their positive feedbacks, and their calls are also monitored to double check that they are reading back names and numbers correctly – this provides extra reassurance for both parties.

We all strive to make our client’s call handing experience a positive one! After all, we ‘go the extra mile for our customers’.

Take a look at our testimonials and see how our service works.

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