Sales Calls

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Do you rely on your phone for incoming business?   Are you a business that despairs of sales calls stopping real enquiries getting through? If you’ve answered YES to both these questions, we could help you out!


Call Answering System

Face for Business handles calls for UK businesses, and we deal with an overwhelming amount of sales calls each day. We’re becoming experts in fielding these calls, and have a system in place to protect our clients from being bothered by unwanted calls.

We call answer for businesses of all sizes and from all types of sectors, and part of our service to our clients is to take their calls when they can’t, and send on accurate messages or transfers through to them.

Call handling instruction

When our clients sign up we request specific call handling instructions from them, including how to greet the caller, what message is to be given, whether their whereabouts can be disclosed, and we also request how long it will be before the call is returned.

Blocking sales calls

As part of our phone answering service we also give our clients the option of blocking sales calls. This means that they won’t be interrupted by calls of a sales nature, such as:-

• Automated calls re PPI or loans
• Utility calls
• Sales calls
• Marketing and PR calls
• Nuisance callers
• Recruitment calls

Sales call training

Our PAs are trained to ask specific questions to decipher whether a call is genuine or not. This method works particularly well with our outsourced reception clients. These types of client are large businesses who have their own reception, but outsource to us during busy periods and staff absences. There are more sales calls with these larger businesses, and we try our utmost to find out whether the call is a sales call or not. One of these clients is The Moneytree Group. Look what they have to say about our service:-

The resilient service that Face for Business provides allows our staff to focus on their core activities, confident in knowing that all our calls are being managed professionally by Face for Business and that no important calls or opportunities are being missed.

Further reading regarding sales calls

Links to further information on eradicating sales calls (both business and domestic):- 

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