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Bike Week

Did you know that there is an annual profile raising event each year (usually in June) to promote cycling and its benefits?! Riding a bike has become very trendy lately, especially in our city centres and towns. This is probably down to the fairly new Cycle Hire Stations placed across the UK’s major cities.  Bike week is followed each year by the force that is Tour de France, and if you're an avid cyclist, you'll be following the competition closely.  There is also the UK's version of the biking competition the Tour de Yorkshire, was now how happened for three days in April for the last three years. 

Cycling to work

The main focus of this year’s Bike Week was to encourage people to ride their bikes to work. Do you ride to work? Do you find cycling a help or a hindrance in terms of the commute to work? Are you someone who’ll ride a bike to work in all types of weather? Maybe in the warmer months, cycling could be a realistic alternative to driving or public transport.

Here’s some tips for cycling to work from The British Cycling website:-

• Obey the Highway Code, and ride in a safe and sensible manner Click here for more information.
• Buy suitable clothing for use when cycling in the dark
• Take your time building up stamina and perhaps get used to cycling shorter routes first
• Take a dummy run! Trial the route! The route to work will be much different when cycling than driving or taking the bus/train!
• Be prepared for the great British weather! Take a change of clothes, and maybe leave some toiletries in work to freshen up.
• Have a puncture kit, a pump, spare inner tube and a bike tool, just in case you need to change a tyre. However, a well looked after bike, with regular maintenance can help to reduce the amount of punctures you may encounter.
• Finally, ensure you have a waterproof jacket as part of your kit! Or, maybe a full waterproof suit.

Other cycling benefits

As well as reducing your carbon footprint and being beneficial for the environment, cycling also has many benefits including being good for your health and cheaper than commuting.  See below for information and advice from the NHS.

Burscough Wharf Cycling Station

Burscough Wharf’s (the village in which we reside) has a bike hire station. And, with being situated canal-side, the route along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal is beautiful with many pubs and stop-offs along the route. Check out the information here if you're interested in cycle hire at the Wharf. We couldn't recommend a better route to go biking!


Other useful websites for avid cyclists

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Bike Week

NB, blog post updated 11th July 2017.

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