Optimising Your Website

At the beginning of the year Face for Business wrote a blog on the top trends for 2015, and one them was Mobile Marketing. You can read the trends blog here. One of the main considerations for marketing properties is the ability for your audience to view the details on the go. In order for property details to be read from a smartphone, it is necessary to ensure that your website has been optimised for smartphone and tablet viewing. Have a look how to do this here.

Video Marketing

Once your website has been optimised, you can take steps to make your agency more appealing to perspective buyers. Optimisation is of course a must, but another successful form of marketing is the use of video. Have a read of this article which shows you the statistics for video marketing.  A few simple steps could help your estate agency:-

• Film the selling points of a client’s home, to give the prospective buyer a better view of the property
• Have a mini interview with the vendors, relaying the positives of their home
• Walk through the property with a go-pro, giving a more realistic impression of the house
• Most agencies use webcams on their details to give buyers more of an insight

Have a read of Estate Agent Networking’s blog on how to use video marketing for estate agents effectively. It’s not always about the property, its selling your service, too!

Social Media Networking

In this age of modern technology and social media, the more information that is available the better for purchasers. People browse on their smartphones more than desktop these days, and also use Social Media to network. As well as using social media to provide information for your followers – why not join a daily virtual networking hour? There are hundreds available now, and you can chose the ‘hour’ where your agency is based, and promote your ‘house of the week’ or your agency values.

Face for Business call answers for many estate agents, and we use these hashtag hours on a daily basis.  Look at how we help our clients and read our testimonials.

We hope that the above tips provide some inspiration, and we’d love to hear from any Estate Agents who use these techniques already.

Good luck!

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