Small and independent businesses need to gain as much marketing advice, tips and ideas as they can, as setting up, starting out and working as a sole trader can take up the majority of your time and budget. Employing someone to undertake your marketing can be expensive, but thankfully, there is a guide to help you through!


Touchpoint Traffic Light Checklist

I came across a marvellous book earlier this year, and it’s full of fantastic examples, case studies and workbooks to help lead you through your small business marketing. I use the book as a bible! I refer to it when I need inspiration, and have recently completed its Touchpoint Traffic Light Checklist. I have marked the book extensively and have also taken away heaps of inspiration.

The books costs £15 and is complemented by an online guide, emails, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. Also on offer is a personal consultation with the author of the book, Byrony Thomas. Bryony also holds monthly lunches in London and Bristol as well as lunchtime webinars for those who live outside of these areas. Bryony has been very supportive of Face for Business and answers most questions put to her on the Facebook Group.

Are you wasting your money on marketing?

One of the workbooks has a brilliantly visual InfoGraphic entitled ‘Are you wasting money on marketing? It covers:-

• Loyalty
• Adoption
• Trial
• Evaluation
• Interest
• Awareness

Each section asks questions which are relatable to your service, enabling you to take stock of your small business marketing and evaluate your own marketing strategy.

Have a look at the website here

As I co-ordindate the marketing for a telephone answering service, I find it invaluable as a training guide!

Please do check it out and perhaps feedback! I’m sure Bryony would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy small business marketing!

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