What better time to think about setting up on your own, than now! Its Summer, the nights are lighter, there are more hours in a day, and advice is rife!

Advocates for entrepreneurs

Face for Business has been an advocate of entrepreneurs for a while now, and being a telephone answering service we are keen to let start-ups and sole traders know that we are here to help you! We all know that calls into your business can bring new clients and leads, and we don’t want you to miss any new clients! Therefore, we make it our business to know yours so we can represent you and your business when we handle your calls.


Inspiring entrepreneurial advice

To this end we were delighted to have interviewed successful entrepreneur, Wayne Hemingway, last year. We managed to speak to him whilst he was in the region as part of the International Festival of Business 2014. He gave us some great advice and tips for entrepreneurs, and this has inspired us to create a blog full of entrepreneurial advice!

Here’s the best top ten tips we’ve picked out for your perusal!

What’s the secret to being a successful entrepreneur?

Deborah Meadon, Dragons Den

There is no secret… work hard, be good, judge well, commit hard and enjoy.

Duncan Ballantyne, Dragons Den

There isn’t one, Anyone Can Do It.

Piers Linney, Dragons Den

Do something you enjoy, be collaborative and hire well.

Kelly Hoppen, Dragons Den

Passion, dedication, tenacity, self-belief and not being afraid of challenges and when things don’t work out, move on immediately to the next thing and have diversity in the business to keep yourself fresh and inspired.

Peter Jones, Dragons Den

Surround yourself with positive, determined and focused people. Always be caring, have fun and never forget that for your business to grow you need to make money.

James Tartt, Entrepreneur J T Design

My biggest tip is just to try your hardest. If you do that then you can have no regrets – success or failure. Working very hard just increases the chances of success!!

Wayne Hemingway, Hemingway Design

Just get good people around you to help you deliver it. It’s all about your contacts and who you can go to for help with something. It’s hard on your own.

Richard Branson, Virgin

Don’t be afraid of fear!

Victoria Beckham, Fashion Designer

I’m simply doing what I like and to the best of my ability, and there’s no rulebook.

Andy MacGregor, MD, Face for Business

Only regret what you did not do. Never regret what you did do.


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