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We were inspired by an article we read recently from The Guardian’s Small Business Network (read here). The title - “The personal touch: go the extra mile for your customers”. We were excited that the title links to our very own mission statement! Which is…

To become the UK’s best virtual PA/Receptionist provider, by going the extra mile for our customers and delivering outstanding quality, service and value”.


Personable telephone answering PAs

As a small business trying to compete in a market alongside many telephone answering services, we are trying to convey the message that our PAs are the difference to our business! As the Guardian article suggests, we have ‘embraced what makes us different’ and are proud to promote our personable and professional call handling PAs!


Receiving postive feedback from our clients

We are actively identifying key moments in our customer journey to really home in and let our potential new clients know what our existing clients say – we have been increasing our testimonials, and whenever we receive positive feedback, we are keen to include it on our website and circulate it on our social media platforms to reach new businesses.

Face for Business’ service has improved our daily working practices, and we find them to be a professional and helpful service, with the PA’s being extremely knowledgeable and fluent in the service they offer. 

Social media as a sales tool

Our social media strategy is the key to getting visitors to our website, and we feel we need to enhance our reach to make our voice and brand more consistently seen or heard. However, we also need to respect our client’s need for privacy and will only circulate their endorsements, if approved. We also need to undertake further research and review to identify which of the platforms works best for us and our reach. This is something we’re working on presently. After all, social media is only getting stronger as a marketing and sales tool, if used to its maximum potential.


Keeping our call handling real

Although we’re keen to promote our brand, we also try to promote the ‘humanness’ of our business. We wrote a blog recently which explored the need for humans still providing certain services, irreplaceable of robots or automated systems – see here. We have a customer retention strategy in place, and send regular newsletters to all our clients and stakeholders, keeping them updated on any new features or changes to our call answering service. Our clients seem to welcome this and often feedback.

Becoming the best call handling and outsourced reception provider

We’ve just passed another milestone – our second birthday –and we really are striving to become the best call handling and outsourced reception provider we can!

Free seven day phone answering trial

If you would like any further information about our service, please do not hesitate to call us on 0333 3231 185 or complete our free trial form here.

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