Knowing the difference between 03 and 08 numbers can be a minefield, so Face for Business (a UK business telephone answering service) would like to present the differences to you.

0845, 0844, 0871 and 0870 number rates vary between standard calls and 26-29 pence per minute, as per the prices set by your phone provider.  Some calls are included within your monthly call packages, and it can be unclear exactly which calls have been charged for and which are inclusive, unless you enquire.

Overview of recent changes to 08 numbers

With there being so many different dialling codes in operation at the moment, we thought we’d give you an update and overview of recent changes. Although we wrote a blog on prefix numbers last year (see here), Ofcom has now introduced the 03 number, to provide organisations with a less expensive number for their customers to dial.

Reduction of costs for 03 numbers

03 numbers will now replace the more expensive 08 numbers, and will cost the caller no more than if they were ringing a UK geographical number. Typical charges are 9p per minute, with mobile charges varying from 3p to 40p per minute. These calls can often be incorporated within your monthly call package.

08 numbers, in particular the 0845 prefix, is made up of two separate charges, hence why they are more expensive to call.  One part of the cost is a service charge with the other being an access charge, with the cost of the call going to your  phone company and the other part to the organisation that you may be calling.   Prices for these numbers are dependent on your business phone provider, with the service charge ranging typically between 0p and 7p per minute.

Face for Business’ commitment to service and value

Face for Business relies on incoming phone calls for new business and we wanted to encourage our callers to not be put off by what the call may cost, so we have removed the 0845 numbers from our website and have replaced them with an 0333 number.  When people are now searching Google for ‘telephone answering service’ or ‘call handling’ they are not put off by the cost of the call to us.  This move is all part of our commitment to delivering outstanding service and value.

Call answering services for your business

If you would like more information in relation to our call answering service for your business, please call on 0333 3231 007 or complete a free 7 day trial form here.
As well as providing call answering and outsourced reception services, we can provide businesses with telephone numbers, so if you are thinking of setting up a new company, and would like a non-geographical number, please get in touch on 0333 3231 007 to request a number.



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