Would you like your own personable PA to answer your calls, and become part of your family business? Giving the right first impression is always a plus, and by using one of our PAs, you’ll be giving just that – a great first impression!

Maintaining a professional image

With the vast majority of entrepreneurs and start-ups being based at home these days, how do you ensure that you are maintaining a professional image and how do you stay rest assured that you are not missing any new business?

Reap the rewards of a call answering service

In a document published in July 2015, by Gov.uk an analysis of home-based and family-owned businesses revealed that 87% of business were home based in 2014. We challenge home-based businesses to reap the rewards of a phone answering service which runs alongside their business, to help capture those newly awaited clients!

By using us as our call handling service you will:-

– Gain reassurance that your calls are being answered if you are unable to answer the phone.

– Have a reliable service with your messages being sent straight on to you via text/email.

– Reduce costs by negating the need for a receptionist – outsourcing call handling reduces costs significantly (see here).

– Appear a much larger company.

Virtual receptionists for you!

Come join the number of clients who use us as their virtual receptionist! You can still portray a professional image with a home-based office – let us show you how!

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