Peak periods of busy incoming calls

We know that all Accountants experience peak periods throughout their working year, especially January and March/April time for self-assessments and end of year accounts submissions. But, have you experienced times when the constant ringing of your phones drives you to distraction, especially if you’re a smaller business?! The accountants we have as clients came to us for our phone answering expertise to help alleviate the pressure and stress during busy periods.

Specific call handling instructions

Most of our clients in this sector give us specific call handling instructions during these peak periods, as they divert all their phone calls to us for most of their working day, so they can actually prepare accounts or whilst they are in meetings with their own clients. They call us up to let us know what messages to pass on to their clients such as ‘Joe is in with a client at the moment, can I arrange for a return phone call?’ Or, ‘Joe is in the middle or self-assessment reviews and has asked me to take messages’. Often, our account clients may want to speak to specific clients, and will relay to us the names of the clients they want to speak to.

Excellent customer service ethos

As well as providing your customers with someone to talk to over the phone when you can’t, you’re also giving a great company impression, by showing your clients that you value their call. When we undertook a customer satisfaction survey we found that 7/10 people hang up after three rings -what would this mean for your callers? (See the survey results here). When you’re in a meeting, on the phone or on annual leave you can be rest assured that your calls are being looked after professionally, with your instructions, and your clients will be talking to our personable and polite PAs. They won’t even know that they’re taking to a call answering service!

Please take a look at our testimonials, and see what your contemporaries say about our telephone answering service for accountants.

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