Does your phone go unanswered?

Face for Business is an expert in handling calls for cleaning companies! We have numerous clients from this sector, including domestic and industrial cleaners, window cleaners, and carpet cleaners. We find that businesses from this line of work are constantly out at jobs – whether undertaking a quotation for works, meeting with new clients or attending conferences and training courses. This means that their phone calls may go unanswered, and that’s how our call answering helps them.


We answer your calls on your behalf

When our clients know that they are going to be at a meeting with a new client, they don’t want to be interrupted. One reason is that they want to give their proposed client their undivided attention and the other reason is that it looks unprofessional taking calls whilst with someone. Diverting their phone calls to use during these meetings means that we answer them on their behalf, in their company name.

Telephone answering for cleaning companies

Our Sales Team and PAs do an excellent job at fact finding prior to going live with our service, and this entails finding out as much about our client’s company as possible, which is done via a screen sharing demonstration. During the set-up process our telephone answering PAs also identify call handling instructions – Are you out at a meeting? Are you on the other line? Are you out on site, and can’t return calls until later in the day? All these options are given, and our cleaning company clients confirm which fits their image best.

Capturing the correct information

We also have a great call answering scripting system that allows our PAs to capture the right information every time. So, whether it’s just a name and simple message or a series of questions as well, our PAs can assist. We also have competitive call handling pricing packages to suit the size of your business.

How our call answering service works

So, if your line of business falls within the cleaning company sector, please have a read of our Clients Like You webpage, testimonials and see our video on ‘how our service works’ for further education on how we call answer.