Face for Business is proud to be able to offer companies in your sector a call answering solution to the many lost calls that come into your business.  With most people hanging up on answering machines, we have an alternative and professional resolution – our outsourced reception for the legal sector.  


Solicitors’ call handling requirement

We’ve discovered that most solicitors have extra call handling requirements first thing of a morning, during busy lunch periods and just before close of play.  Our outsourced reception service for solicitors, means that they can use us some of the time or all of the time.  It works seamlessly, as all our clients have to do is simply set up their phones so that unanswered or engaged tones divert straight to us, and we act as their receptionist.  Have a look at our quick video to see how simple the process is.  It can mean no more missed calls or frustrated clients for you.


Call handling instructions for our legal clients

When we answer your calls we have a number of call handling instructions from our legal clients, including staff lists and availability, together with areas each solicitor deals with – crime, conveyancing, litigation, commercial. This means that if a new enquiry comes to us, we can find the appropriate solicitor and direct the call to them.  Plus, we have a number of pricing packages and one of them includes the transfer option.  So if our solicitor clients want to speak to new clients, we can transfer.  If they have a specific message to give to existing clients, for example ‘Karen is in a meeting at the moment, and will call you back after lunch’, we can act upon this instruction.


Outsourced reception strengths

We are really keen to appraise the legal sector of our outsourced reception, and demonstrate our strengths over our competitors.  Instead of your clients leaving a voicemail or hanging up, we answer your calls with your company greeting and act as if we’re your receptionist.  Our PAs are experienced in taking calls from the solicitors, lawyers, barristers and people within such like organisations, and are knowledgeable regarding the types of enquiries.

Look at how we go the extra mile for you……!

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