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Using a call handling service, such as Face for Business, can offer many benefits to your company. Not only do you receive a first-class telephone answering service from our PAs, who take your calls when you are unable too. You can also receive peace of mind that any new business enquiries are captured, giving your potential customer an excellent first impression of you and your company.

Processes of a call answering service

Once you have decided you want to undertake a trial with us, we capture a few necessary details about you and your company, including what greeting you would like our PAs to use, and any call handling instructions, including your whereabouts when people ring, if there is anything in particular you want your PA to ask your callers, this is the point in which you let us know. For example, you may want to know what postcode area they’re calling from (if a driving instructor or cleaning company), or perhaps you need to know if they have a mortgage?? Our call answering programme enables you, as a client, to tell us what information you need.

Call handling statistics

So how can we help you with the statistics we collate during your trial? Well, we analyse your calls before we call you to close the sale. Our Sales Team prepare an in-depth report allowing you to see how many calls we’ve taken on your behalf, and from this analysis we can see how many new clients we have captured for you, and also, depending on how you chose to divert your phone, we can inform you how many calls you’ve been missing! So, don’t let those news clients and thousands of pounds in revenue slip through the net – ring us today 0333 3231 007 - or complete our free trial form here

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