What type of meeting do you prefer? Have you ever been part of a virtual meeting? Have you explored the range of meeting options available these days? Perhaps you are a new business trying to expand your audience or market, but don’t have the resources to travel up and down the country to meet with new clients. Or, maybe you work rurally (see linked article here) and struggle to commute into the city to meet with prospects? Most importantly, unreliable connections in rural areas can mean missed calls – using a virtual call answering service can alleviate any worries about missed business.

If you fall under any of these categories you may have looked into virtual options available, to help your business grow.  Have a look at the few options we’ve presented for you…


Face Time

The most obvious method of having a virtual meeting is the use of Facetime. If you have an iPhone, Facetime can be available at no extra cost, and allows you to ‘see’ the person you are meeting with. If you have an android phone, Skype is easily accessible and comes as an App. If you do arrange a virtual meeting it gives you the opportunity to increase saleability as you’re able to project your personality to your prospective client!


If you want to sell your service or product to a number of people at the same time, you can offer a free Webinar, which is hosted online. Participants can dial in using their telephone to hear the presentation, or can use the computer option, and listen in via headphones. Again, this option enables you to entice people to hear about what you’re selling or advising on.


Are you using this virtual document sharing platform? Instead of posting large documents via the traditional route, you can share them electronically via Dropbox. You can also use Dropbox for when your email can’t send large files.

Virtual call answering service

Many businesses are not aware that a virtual call answering service can help their business! For those clients who rely on incoming calls for new business, this type of virtual service can bring huge benefits – that one missed call can mean business is taken to one of your competitors. Using our call answering service (with packages starting from as little as £38.00 per month) means that you’re capturing every call, and are also providing a first-class service to your existing clients.

We’d love to hear how you use virtual services to improve your offering – please let us know what works for you.

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