The Small Business Saturday UK campaign was created to encourage people in the local community to support small businesses and ‘shop local’. The nationwide event takes place on the first shopping Saturday in December each year. This year it takes place on 5th December 2015.  The team is directed by Michelle Ovens MBE who has been involved since the first event in 2013. To meet the rest of the team, please click here

We have visited over 20 small businesses in our local community this week and have encouraged them to register their details on the #SBSUK Small Business Finder in the hope that people searching for a small business in their area can locate one. Click here to view a directory of the local businesses that are situated on Burscough Wharf, and the surrounding area.

Sara Parker Small Business Saturday UK - Face for Business

Local businesses

Do you use your local businesses? Do you buy local? It’s all to easy to get everything you need under one roof these days, but Small Business Saturday UK aims to help small and independent shops and businesses, and in a way challenges consumers to find an alternative outlet to purchase their goods from. If we all could look into what shops are on our doorstep, it would encourage us to buy local and support our local shops.


Buy local

Almost 95% of British people now buy online (source: Daily Mail). If you fall under this category, why not consider choosing a business that’s more local to you? Online shopping is very convenient, especially for those full-time workers, but perhaps think about considering purchasing a percentage of your weekly shop, or gifts from a local independent retailer? It’s inevitable that the high street as we know it today is going to diminish as our purchasing habits evolve even further, but whilst we have our high street, let’s use it! Let’s see if you can rise to our challenge. If you visit your local shops and buy local – tweet us @face4business and let us know and we’ll give you a shout out!

Burscough Parish Centre
The parish in which we have our premises is Burscough, and it has recently been described as one of the most desirable places to reside. (See Daily Mirror article here). We have our offices in one of the most desirable places to live, and it’s a joy to come to work and we’re all proud of the community we’ve become a part of. As well as being one of the top places to live, Burscough has so much more to offer.

Burscough Wharf
Burscough also has a brilliant canal-side wharf where you can find an array of eateries, shops and businesses. There are canal trips available, arts and craft sessions, music lessons, professional photography and much much more!  Have a look at this table which gives an overview of the businesses at Burscough Wharf, and visit Burscough Wharf’s website for more information about the history of the wharf.


Join in with Small Business Saturday UK
If you’re a member of Burscough’s community, please visit our Facebook page and keep an eye out for the businesses we’re helping to promote on Small Business Saturday UK. You may find that there are more businesses than you think. 

SBSUK Liverpool Bus Tour – 12 November 2015
As a #SBSUK alumni, we were keen to be part of the Bus Tour this year and travelled to Liverpool to talk to small businesses and entrepreneurs about our phone answering service.  We met some really enthusiastic entrepreneurs at the event. We had conversations about small businesses with Roxie’s Treasures and Cheeky Parties (see videos below) we met Seasoned Pioneer, Four Corners Design and Atypical Flowers also.


Amander, Atypical Flowers

Roxie’s Treasures


Cheeky Parties

If you’re a local business and have had a positive story to tell arising from this initiative we’d love to hear from you.

John Allan, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses

Small Business Saturday UK Face for Business

Whilst we were at the Small Business Saturday UK Bus Tour on 12 November we had the opportunity to interview the FSB’s National Chairman, John Allan. He came down to meet the small businesses that were at Williamson Square to show his support for the several small businesses that were exhibiting. John was keen to express how the FSB can support small businesses once they’ve started.  The full interview can be read here. He said…

“It is imperative that start-up businesses are made aware of benefits, we have a 24 hour, 365 days per year legal helpline, assistance with tax investigations, industrial tribunals, and better rates on credit card machines, free banking, special rates on insurance and a new energy service provider rate.”  

Visit the FSB website here or find out more about membership here.

Spark Up Now
As well as being impassioned about supporting our local businesses, we are also keen to assist entrepreneurs with their aspirations, and recently met with the Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce to talk about their ‘Spark Up Now’ initiative. If you have a business idea, and would like help to kick-start your business, please have a read of our interview with two of the Spark Up Now Business Enablers here, and let us know if you feel inspired to start your own business.

Feeling inspired to create and support?

All in all, if you have a business idea there are a number of organisations out there to help you get your ideas off the ground, and once you are up and running with your idea, you have the support of Small Business Saturday UK!