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Groupon and Wowcher businesses – are you missing calls? Let our call handling company help you.

There are over 40,000 businesses using Groupon to sell their products and services.

Are you one of these 40,000 businesses who regularly submit offers on daily deals sites such as Groupon and Wowcher? If so, how do you ensure that all new business enquiries are maximised? Your phone calls may increase tenfold, but how do you meet demand? You have to think about your existing staff being busy with customers or clients, and your receptionist may not be able to answer every single incoming call…

 Groupon works, but you have to claim the cashback first! The key to a successful claim is ensuring that you obtain the security code from the voucher.

Helping daily deal websites with their campaigns.

We support a number clients selling spa days, short-stay accommodation breaks, beauty products and services (including aesthetic companies) with their voucher marketing campaigns. Our call handling has proved invaluable for them.  Our clients who use the likes of Groupon and Wowcher choose whether they want to use us all of the time during an active campaign. Our PAs agree the call answering requirements with them, and identify the nature of the calls and what details require capturing.

Our call answering system is intelligent and we are able to answer the questions you want us to ask on your behalf. We are able to advise your customers on dates and call back times and relay any further information you may want them to know. Moreover, the script is predetermined, and our PAs do an excellent and accurate job gaining the correct details, so all our clients need to do upon receiving their messages is complete the booking or progress with the sale.

Think about what may happen if your enquiry is not answered, or the caller gets frustrated leaving messages on your answering machine or voicemail…

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Increase your sales enquiries and never miss another call

We’re about to enter a busy time of the year for the retail and leisure sector – your customers will be ringing to book in for those spa days and fitness packages (cashing in on their Christmas gifts). However, it can be frustrating for your callers if they cannot get through to you because your lines are all busy. Give your customers an excellent first impression!  By using a telephone answering service, like us, you won’t miss another call – these inbound calls are imperative enquiry increases, and essential for upholding your customer service objectives.

How we help hotels increase their sales during Wowcher campaigns.

As mentioned previously, we have a number of clients who we help manage calls for and one of these clients is a hotel in Llandudno. The hotel was struggling to manage its incoming calls during their regular Wowcher marketing campaigns. They had been looking to outsource these calls to a phone answering service, but were quite fearful of doing so. We offered them a separate number for these campaigns, so that their daily business was not affected. After trialling our service for a week during one of their campaigns they were delighted with the results, and now outsource all their Wowcher campaign calls to us. They were so pleased and relieved that they had found a solution to the increased number of calls during these periods, that they sent us an endorsement. See the full testimonial here, and see an extract below.

If you would like to know more about how our service works for companies like you, please read our blog post on call answering for retailers and then visit our testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about our call handling, especially one of our Wowcher clients.

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Maybe you should consider using daily deal sites to increase your business?

Just like outsourcing your daily deal calls to a call handling service, have you considered using Groupon or Wowcher to increase your business? During our research we found that daily deals websites are helping small businesses grow on the back of a visit or a product purchase. Read this case study on Groupon’s website to see how they can help your company upsell.

Reassurance during busier periods or campaigns

In conclusion, selling your service or product on daily deal sites is a fantastic way of gaining new business, raising your profile, and monitoring what your customers like. However, you may not have anticipated the impact that using these deal sites would have on your day to day resources. Outsourcing your calls to Face for Business can provide you with the reassurance you may need in terms of back-up during these busier periods and campaigns. We would be delighted to talk you through our service, and demonstrate how we can be of assistance.

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