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We have a bit of an affinity with Wales, North Wales in particular, as one of our business partners lives there! He is a delightful man, and always talks so fondly of his hometown. We also have links with the North Wales branch of the FSB, and interviewed their membership adviser last year. In this interview with Selwyn Williams we discovered that the founder of the FSB, Captain Norman Small, laid his foundations down in Anglesey! Did you know this fact?  If you would like to read the interview and discover more about one of your Welsh inhabitants, please do so here.

There is a huge surge in activity from the numerous Welsh tourist boards at the moment, so we thought we would provide you with the lowdown on the campaigns and promotions that are forthcoming. Whether you’re looking for culture, walks, seclusion, short breaks or adventures, Wales claims to have it all!

Welsh tourism campaigns, membership bodies and funding available


North Wales Tourism Ltd
NWT is a privately run company, consisting of 12 non-executive board member directors who actually own or run tourism businesses in North Wales. These members are voted onto the board by NWT members, and are there to actively represent tourism businesses in their sector. NWT are the largest tourism membership organisation in Wales, and raise awareness of issues surrounding North Wales tourism.   Supporting more than 1000 tourist businesses in North Wales, becoming a member will bring discounted rates and services from industry suppliers. There is also a number of business networking events for members, where they gain invaluable advice from professionalisms on marketing and industry issues. The main aim of this organisation is to sustain tourism in North Wales. If you’re a tourism business in North Wales and would like to know more about membership, visit the North Wales Tourism website.

Visit Wales
Visit Wales is encouraging people to ‘find their epic’ and to take the challenge to get involved with ‘The Great Weekend of Adventure’ on 2nd & 3rd April 2016. This website has links to the many different types of activities available – castles, mountain bike trails, festivals, mountain views and much much more! As well as offering leisure breaks for you and your family, there are also opportunities to explore Wales for business! Perhaps you’d like to take your employees on a team building exercise, or take your clients on a wondrous time out, Wales seems to have options for everyone. Explore the Visit Wales website to find ‘your epic’! Follow them on twitter and use the hashtag to join in the campaign #findyourepic

Welsh Government’s Vibrant and Viable Places Programme
The Welsh government has pledged a total of £118 million to Wales, and inclusive of this amount is the recent announcement of £12.8 million boost to create new jobs, traineeship and new homes. Have a look on itv.com’s news article to see if your area will benefit from this funding.

Tourism Investment Support Scheme (TISS)
Ken Skates, Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism was in Wales on 21 March to launch the next round of funding for tourism product development support. £2million is available to stimulate growth for capital projects in the tourism sector. Read here to find out more.

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Call answering support for your tourist business?

Call handling for hotels, caravan parks and spas
Face for Business’ PA’s are experienced in answering calls on behalf of many businesses in the tourism sector. As well as caravan parks, we answer calls on behalf of hotels, spas, restaurants and suppliers. Many of our clients in the tourism sector also use us alongside their Groupon and Wowcher marketing campaigns. We’re the perfect solution to your additional reception requirements, and we pride ourselves on having call handling PAs that really do make the difference – personable, friendly and knowledgeable – perfectly suitable to answer calls for you!

Here’s how we can complement your reception:-

• We help you set up the divert for calls unanswered if you are busy with clients or on the phone
• We answer your calls in your name, as if we work for you
• We capture new business for you – it won’t be lost to a competitor
• You are giving your caller a fantastic customer experience
• Your staff don’t feel under pressure
• Your visitors are getting your receptionist’s full attention
• We obtain your caller’s name and contact details, holiday dates and requirements
• We can complement your tourism and business strategy, and help your profits increase
• We’re not replacing any staff you have, we’re your fail-safe and security

Here’s some proof…

“Your service has enabled me to secure over £8,700 worth of bookings, in 2 weeks! Without your help in capturing these calls at busy periods, these customers may have rung a competitor. Face for Business has proved vital for my business – I could not believe how many calls I was missing, and how many bookings I secured from using the service.”  – Chris, Caravan Park Owner, North Yorkshire

“Initially I struggled to think how I could give away the responsibility of my calls to an answering service, but my fears were unfounded as your company more than matched the professionalism that I would expect, and my marketing campaigns work more effectively”  – Paul, Hotel Manager, Llandudno

Can Face for Business help save you money?
We’re about to join North Wales Tourism Ltd, and are hoping to let businesses in the tourism industry know how we can help their tourism business grow. As our client testimonials show you, we helped one caravan park owner earn £8,700 worth of bookings! If these calls had not been answered they could have gone to a competitor. Answering the phone not only captures calls from prospects, it also shows the type of business you are, and that you care about your callers. Let us help you.

Try our call answering service for your business today.
You can speak to our representative in North Wales, Alun Jones, by calling him on 01244 797017, or alternatively you can call our office on 0333 323 1007. We offer all our prospects a FREE 7-day trial, so you can see for yourself how we work. You can also complete a form on our website here.   Have a quick watch of our video on outsourced reception to see how the overflow service works.  


Good luck with your tourist attraction this year, and we look forward to seeing how the Welsh tourist campaigns develop!


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