Face for Business Gwynedd Business Week

Are you a business in North Wales? Are you experiencing periods of growth? Would you like more information about the support services in your area, to help make your business run more smoothly?

POST EVENT NOTE:  Please follow the link for access to the presentation that was given at the Gwynedd Business Week event.  The presenters are happy to answer any further questions you may have. What is outsourcing and how can it benefit your business?

NatWest Cymru, in conjunction with Face for Business, TBC Marketing and Supertemps Ltd, is hosting an event during Gwynedd Business Week, to inform businesses about outsourcing, and how it can have a positive impact on certain aspects of daily business activities.

The collaborative presentation will take place on Wednesday 18th May, 9.30am – 12 noon, Ty Menai, Parc Menai, Bangor. (Free refreshments and breakfast for all participants). There will be an opportunity to network with other businesses and outsourcing service providers. There will also be representation from the Federation of Small Businesses.

THIS EVENT IS FREE – get your ticket here

Outsourcing – what does this mean, logically, for your business?

Topics for discussion are:

• Business Agility – talking about the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, including examples of how businesses have benefited from outsourcing.
• Achieving goals without over budgeting.
• What can and cannot be outsourced?
• Benefits of using temporary staff.
• Outsourcing social media activities.

Questions to be answered include:-

• Are your wage bills too high? Would you like to save money on HR?
• Are you consumed with work, and finding that you don’t have enough time to complete tasks?
• Do you have too much work to manage during peak periods in your business, but not enough resource to take on more staff?
• Are you affected by the tourism trade during seasonal periods, and need additional assistance during this time?
• Are you unsure how to undertake certain key tasks relating to the marketing of your business?
• Would you like to offload some of your work to experts?
• Would you like to increase your business offering?

Outsourcing in North Wales

Come and listen to experts in business outsourcing, and start to turn your business around, dynamically.  Be prepared for growth, and learn how to handle it during transitional periods.


Owain LLoyd Williams – NatWest Cymru
Teresa Carnall – TBC Marketing
Andy MacGregor – Face for Business
Sian Williams – Supertemps

Face for Business Gwynedd Business Week

Gwynedd Council.

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