Happy Social Media Day!

Social Media Day was created by Mashable.com to celebrate social media’s impact on worldwide communications.  30th June 2016 marks its 7th anniversary.  Mashable also organises regular ‘meet ups’ and has its own hashtag to help celebrate ‘Social Media Day’ follow the celebrations using #SMDay.  Follow Mashable’s Social Media events at Mashable.com.

Reasons to host a giveaway on your social media profiles

You have great regularly updated Twitter and Facebook profiles with engaging content to connect with your audience but what if you could do even more? You’re getting constant attention and regular work from the same reliable customers but could do with a boost of numbers and new clients? Hosting a competition is a fun way to reward your loyal followers, turn potential customers into paying customers and one off customers into regulars plus gaining more awareness of your business to others across all your social media channels.   More than 80% of Facebook page admins have said that hosting a competition helped them meet the goal that they aimed for, yet only 57% of Facebook page admins have created competitions on their page. Why miss out on reaching your business goals and increasing sales by being in the 43% who don’t use this in their marketing?


How to increase brand awareness through social media contests

What is your end goal? More Facebook likes? More engagement on Twitter? More shares on Pinterest? More Instagram followers? More sign ups to your e-newsletter? There are many different ways to get your customers or potential customers to enter your competition. If you’re simply wanting more followers or likes and have a target you’re aiming for, then using ‘retweet to enter’ or ‘share this Facebook post to enter’ is an effective strategy to spread the word in a very quick easy way, for you and the customer. For more involvement, getting competition entrants to answer a question below the social media post, submit a photo or create their own video is a great way to generate conversation and buzz. In addition competitions are a brilliant way of getting user generated content for your social media feed, to use as part of your content marketing strategy. Think of a prize or task that your followers will want to discuss and share on your and their social media accounts.

What competition prize to give away

Deciding on the competition prize obviously largely depends on the nature of your business. You could gift a voucher for your store (online or offline), an hour or weeks worth of your service for free (if you don’t do this already in some capacity, like Face for Business has a 7 day free trial) or specific item you design, make, or sell, such as an item of jewellery or a website design. Many businesses offer their customers the chance to win a prize that’s topical or seasonal.

Decide on when to host your competition
Sporting events such as the football World Cup and FA Cup Final, Wimbledon tennis tournament and Olympics are often a great conversation starter and something people like to get involved in. There’s a real sense of community on social media with events and these are a brilliant opportunity to engage your customers. Seasonal dates like Halloween, Christmas and Easter provide further opportunities to create awareness and demand through online contests. Perhaps create an annual events calendar, and plan in advance.

Official competition and social media rules
Be aware that every social media channel has its own rules for content, definition of what constitutes a competition, giveaway, sweepstakes or contest and therefore what can count as an entry. Take a read of Social Media Examiner for more tips on Facebook contests in particular.

How Face for Business can help

With this increase in awareness of your company it will undoubtedly lead to more enquiries and sales. How will you meet the extra demand, with only limited company staff and time? You could lose the additional business generated by hosting your competition on social media if you couldn’t answer the calls.  Face for Business can provide a call handling service so you don’t miss a call, answering your calls in your company name and making sure you maximise every new business opportunity that comes your way.

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Words: Katie Harris