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Face for Business provides companies in the financial sector a personalised solution for the problem of missed calls. Are you missing calls during busy working times, such as the first hour of the working day or over lunchtime? Are you worried this is making your business appear unprofessional or inconsistent? Are some months busier than others and you don’t want or need to hire full time staff or afford the time and expense of hiring temp staff? Have you considered outsourcing?

Call Handling for Accountants

We know how busy your business can be during particular times of the year, especially December and January with tax returns from clients, which can be ongoing to April and beyond with end of tax year accounts. With so many extra calls and work, and no extra staff, calls can be missed and new clients may be lost.  The way in which our call handling service works is to complement your existing provision. If you are around to answer your phone, you can. However, if you’re in a meeting or on a call, then they will automatically divert to us. It’s easy to set up and we answer the call in your company name and act as your receptionist.

Every call is recorded enabling you to listen back to your client’s conversations with your Face for Business PA. This is especially helpful with accountancy firms as it gives you the security and peace of mind that no key financial information is missed.

Before using Face for Business I was previously using a standard voice mail answering machine for the calls I was unable to take, which was certainly not ideal. Using Face for Business has given me the confidence to show my business in a new positive light for all existing and new clients. The efficient and professional approach I adhere to within my business is taken on by my PA, which ensures continuity within my business. My clients have been very impressed with the more efficient service I can now offer. Face for Business is not just a call answering service, they engage my callers as if they were working for me within my office. Many thanks all at Face for Business.

Your own dedicated call handling PA for the financial sector

Our receptionists have great knowledge of the financial industry and your dedicated PA will tailor their expertise specifically to your business. Whether the call is an existing client or a new potential client your Face for Business receptionist will deal with the caller in the correct way, just as you would. We take the time to familiarise ourselves with your business and act as part of your team. Your dedicated PA can advise your client that you are currently, for example, in a meeting and you will call them back, take messages, or transfer the caller to the correct person in your office. We give your clients an efficient, consistent and continuous service during peak periods, and help you secure new clients.

How we’ve helped businesses like yours in the financial sector

• We answer all your calls and immediately forward the caller’s details by email.
• We display messages and recordings of calls within our client portal, available 24/7.
• Your clients will comment on how professional you are (no missed calls or answerphones) and how friendly your receptionist is.
• All your calls answered will be answered by your dedicated Face for Business PA just like they would if they were sitting in your office and part of your team.
• We help to save your company money by not having to employ a full time employee.
• We saving your company money by helping you to retain clients and by capturing new clients.
• We enable you to concentrate on admin work and see clients without interruption which improves efficiency.
• We help give you and your business an excellent reputation.

“It is the best thing we have ever done to improve communication between our customers and our business.”

Why outsource your call handling?

Many callers don’t leave voicemails on answer phones and prefer to leave messages with a receptionist. They want peace of mind their call was answered and actioned and an idea of when you will get back to them. If they get an answer phone they may hang up. (80% of callers won’t leave a voicemail). If they get an answer phone every time they call they may take their business elsewhere. Our PAs are experienced in taking calls from clients and other companies within the financial sector and have the knowledge to deal with enquiries. They answer the phone as your company receptionist and deal with the call just as you would, taking all key contact details.

Call answering service endorsements from the financial sector

We have historically employed reception staff to manage our inbound calls. However, following a detailed analysis of our call information, we found that we were missing an increasing number of inbound calls, particularly during breaks, lunchtime and busy periods throughout the day. It also proved challenging to manage our calls when we had to provide cover for our receptionists during holidays and sickness periods, as this meant we had to move our staff around which wasn’t ideal. To help alleviate this issue we took the decision to completely outsource our receptionist service and inbound call management to Face for Business, which has proven to be a fantastic decision. Not only have we saved in excess of 75% on our call handling costs, we now have complete cover throughout the day, irrespective of who is in the office, absent through sickness or on holiday.

For more information on how Face for Business can help accountants and similar businesses in the financial industry see our dedicated page for accountants and independent financial advisers.

Face for Business provides tailored phone answering and messaging services for businesses of all sizes.

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