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Make your customers’ experience of your tourism business memorable.” That’s the advice from Denise Hampson, former British cycling champion and author of ‘Desire Code’.

Go North Wales Conference at the IFB 2016

Face for Business attended the Go North Wales conference (as part of the International Festival of Business 2016) in the summer of this year, and we were enthused by the amount of fantastic tourism activities on offer in North Wales, and furthermore, we were inspired by all the speakers who presented. Denise was one of the speakers at the conference and her talk really resonated with us. Denise tried to get the audience to think about the customers experience and the logistics behind their thinking. One comment she made gave us food for thought, as she suggested that customers may try to book tourism activities during a spare ’30 seconds’. She asked us, ‘would you be prepared?’ Denise reinstated that as a tourism business you really need to give your customers certainty and confidence that they made the right decision in booking with you, and all this starts from their first interaction… 


Did you have a good summer?

Was there anything that could have happened better for your business/attraction? We came across a brilliant article from The Guardian’s Small Business Network newsletter entitled ‘Is your business making the most of tourism?’ We’d like to give you options to consider alongside your existing strategy…



We’re only human - give your customers a human experience.

Being visible on the internet is a must in this age of internet and online bookings, and being there when people call you is still important as some people will still prefer human interaction when making bookings or payments for a service. Tom Sorensen, partner and hospitality and tourism leader at Grant Thornton gave a talk earlier this year about human interaction within the hotel industry, and whilst he was supportive of technology, big data and the internet of things he also says “new tools that allow for more targeted services risk diverting attention from the very skill on which the hotel industry was built - human interaction”. 

We must not forget that humans thrive on being human and welcome the acknowledgement or reassurance from a customer services or sales department, especially within the small business sector. See here. Bringing a human element to your tourism business can make the difference. For example, look at what one of our tourism clients said about our phone answering service…

“I would like to thank Face for Business for their help in supporting my business. Initially I struggled to think how I could give away the responsibility of answering my calls to an answering service. I was fearful that the service provided would not match the standards that I would expect. These fears were unfounded, as your company more than matched the professionalism that I would expect. Your company is ideal for a number of uses; fire-fighting busy periods, covering for staff shortages, and, in particular, was useful when running a recent marketing campaign. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other businesses.”



Using SEO, PPC and Google to gain visibility

Do you rely on the internet to bring you inbound leads? Have you got your SEO sussed? Making sure that you have a fully optimised website will help you attract more online visitors – our SEO strategy constantly evolves and we have to keep up with the current algorithms to ensure we maintain our page one position. Our go-to for all things SEO is Moz.com, and we would encourage you to do the same. However, say you have got your website in a prominent position and your paid adverts are bringing you in leads –what happens if you are on a call or out of the office? Do you have a back-up plan? Touching on the human interaction element of tourism, try using a call handling service to capture these new clients for you. It’s simple to set-up and you’ll receive your own welcome call where your dedicated call answering PA will get to know you and your business, its ethics and what you really need to obtain from your callers.


Save your new business enquiry

We consider ourselves experts at call answering for tourism businesses, and really pride ourselves in getting to know the company we answer calls on behalf of. Getting it ‘right first time’ is one of our mantras, and we believe this complements Denise’s thinking entirely. If a customer is browsing the internet for things to do in a ‘spare 30 seconds’ and finds your website, looks at your offering, seeks out prices, then hits the ‘call us now’ button to make the booking, what happens if you’re phone is engaged or unanswered? I bet they hang up or move on to the next activity. Could this new business enquiry have been saved? Yes…


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