The Brighton Mortgage Company has been operated by Malcolm Latchman for over 10 years. Based in the South East, Malcolm has clients ringing him from all over the UK, and as a sole trader he needed help answering business calls during busy periods. He has been using Face for Business’ telephone answering service for a number of years now, and says the switch has been instrumental in the effectiveness of his working day.

Like many other businesses, Malcolm believes that there is no stigma to using an answering service; that in the modern business age it is totally acceptable if not expected of smaller businesses.

When Malcolm first started using our telephone answering service he watched a demonstration from a PA via screen-sharing to help understand how our service would be of benefit to him. He was looking for a virtual receptionist to answer his calls when he couldn’t. He had an in-depth conversation with his dedicated PA, who got to know Malcolm and his business, noting important details for his call handling screen.

Malcolm uses our call handing service for financial advisers because:

  • He can structure his day according to his needs – some afternoons he needs to undertake administration in order to meet his deadlines. He can switch on the divert and knows he is not going to lose a call. He also knows that if there is an emergency, he can return the call straight away.
  • Due to nature of Malcolm’s work he can’t ignore the phone when it rings, but using FFB helps him to manage and filter out any sales calls and nuisance calls. He tells his PA which companies he doesn’t want to take calls from, and these calls are not charged for.
  • Malcolm can advise his PA how to handle his calls and regular callers build a rapport with his PA.

Using Face for Business to capture new mortgage application clients

FFB has captured many new business calls for The Brighton Mortgage Company. When a new client rings, the PA takes all necessary and relevant details. Malcolm reiterates that most people don’t like leaving a message on an answering machine, but with an FFB PA speaking to his new prospects, no clients are lost and no calls missed.

Saving money with Face for Business

As well as adding a level of professionalism to his business, Malcolm notes that FFB saves him money, as he says it would be impossible to employ a receptionist for the same cost. It also saves him having to find additional office space.

Client Testimonial

I have had nothing but praise from my clients regarding FFB. They are very impressed with the professional service that FFB offers and always much happier to talk to a “human being.

I have built up an excellent working relationship with my Lead PA and her team – they are great. In the past they have the foresight to identify urgent callers thereby upholding my reputation and professionalism. I have a really good working relationship with my PA and I speak to her on a daily basis (sometimes twice a day) to update her on my plans for the day.

I have had stress-free holiday since I’ve been using FFB knowing that my calls are being professionally managed and that my clients are being updated on when I will get back to them. I am in control of my day and my phone calls rather than them in control of me.

As a sole trader I cannot emphasise how important and productive this is. For the cost of my package, I couldn’t employ someone to answer my calls – as a sole trader working from home, the service saves me the expense of office space and additional staff . I pay for the service I use. I never miss a call. You not only save me money, you make me money by never missing a call from a potential new client. FFB’s portal is useful as a fall back when I need to listen back to any of my calls. I know I can assess my PAs ability to answer my business calls and can send feedback via the portal with any comments on the way my calls are handled.”