Telephone Answering Services for Aesthetics Businesses

We’ve been answering The Lip Doctor’s overflow calls for several years now. There are two practitioners in the business, and often they are both in appointments or consultations with their clients, and have no-one to answer their calls for them, when they are unavailable.

They use us as an outsourced reception, meaning that when they are able to they answer calls themselves. However, when one of them is with a client at reception, in an appointment or consultation, or are on the phone themselves, then they set their phone divert so engaged or unanswered calls come to us.  The Lip Doctor also divert all their calls to us when they are on holiday, and when they are away at training days and industry related conferences.

This means that when their aesthetics enquiries come in they are answered and callers are given pricing details, availability for appointments or the whereabouts of the practitioners, as often they can be at conferences or training.

Having a call handling company for aesthetics businesses will bring you nothing but benefits:

  • Appointments and consultations are not interrupted and you will be fully focused
  • You will not miss any new client enquiries – more business equals more profit
  • Your reputation is being upheld, you’re giving your callers a great impression of your company
  • Your caller’s details are taken, appointments made and payments taken – giving you more free time

Our PAs are the Difference

At Face for Business, we make it our business to know yours and our PAs really do make a difference.  They will take time to review your website and will get to know your procedures and pricing.

It really helps having a dedicated PA who knows our company so well, as we’ve passed on the important prices information to our PA. We are finding that we’re capturing more clients this way, and the calls are handled excellently.  We are very happy with the amount of detail that the PAs take from potential new clients, and its great having an extension to our own service.

The Lip Doctor Testimonial

Lip Doctor Aesthetics Face for Business has been taking our calls since May 2014, and we couldn’t be happier that we discovered this unique way of call answering. Before we started using FFB, we were with a different call answering company but wanted to try something different as we weren’t 100% happy with the service.

We loved the idea of a dedicated PA and this is why we moved to FFB – we also liked the idea of their call recording facility, the portal which enables us to view our calls and usage, and also because FFB are local to us. As there are only two of us in the clinic, and with us both being in appointments for the majority of our working day, we were struggling to answer calls.

When Face for Business approached us, we jumped at the chance of a free trial, to test out the difference their service would make to our business. Several months later, we find that the service complements our own working pattern perfectly. When we are in the office with no appointments, we can take the calls ourselves. But when we are both with clients, or speaking at reception to potential clients, we can put our phones on divert and be rest assured that our calls are being dealt with.

If you would like to find out more about our telephone answering service please visit our webpage for the aesthetics industry.