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Do you use the phone in your car? Do you regularly make calls in between meetings and whilst commuting in the car? Would you rather take away the worry of missing calls and the stress of multi-tasking and just enjoy the ride?

Driving whilst using the phone is illegal. A new driving law came into effect on 1 March 2017, and it can now cost a £200 fine and 6 points on your driving licence. 

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Face for Business gives you six steps to avoid getting points on your driving licence...

Step 1 – Have the will power and confidence to switch your phone to silent once you’re at the steering wheel.

Step 2 – Plan in advance. Let people know that you will be unavailable to speak with until you’ve reached your destination.

Step 3 – Set a message up on your voicemail which tells your callers that you are driving and shall return their call once you can.

Step 4 – Set up your phone to divert back to your office, for any other members of staff to answer on your behalf.

Step 5 – Use the time at the wheel to focus on the task to hand.  Enjoy the journey.  Have patience, be courteous. Have good road etiquette! You’ll find the time in your car less of an ordeal.

Step 6 – Invest in a telephone answering service that can complement your own working practices, by having a back-up telephone answering service for your business. Unanswered and overflow calls will be diverted and your own dedicated PA will answer your calls in your company name. Our service can be set up within a few hours, normally, and will save you the stress, worry and cost of your licence!

Phew! No more missed calls, no more stress and worry, a nice clean licence and more importantly a great, safe drive.

The logical solution is to use a telephone answering service for your business calls

At Face for Business, we will capture those calls that you may otherwise miss whilst driving.  Don’t get caught out, get savvy. There are a number of options available to you, as noted above, but using our call answering service will help you heaps and stop you getting stressed.  Our PAs are professional, yet polite and friendly and will listen to your callers and act as though they are in your office.  We make it our business to know yours and offer a free screen-sharing phone call where we can show you around your client portal, and give you a demonstration of how our telephone answering service works. 

You can put your divert on as and when necessary and convenient for you.  If you’re in the office and can take calls, great.  If you’re about to go to a meeting, need some ‘quiet time’ to progress with tasks or want to have a phone call free lunch, simply put your divert on and we’ll take over for you.  Hundreds of businesses do just this with us.

Still need convincing about our service? Read our customer endorsements

“Initial contact was with Susan, who guided me through FFB’s services. Her professionalism and presentation persuaded me to proceed with the services of Face for Business. I would certainly recommend Face for Business to other businesses.” – Independent Debt Collection Agency.

“In my profession, answering telephone calls promptly is pivotal; however, it is equally challenging, particularly when I am out of the office meeting with clients or working on specific jobs. This is where FFB provides an invaluable support to my business. The service they offer is completely flexible and fits in with my working patterns throughout the day. My dedicated PA and her support team really understand my business and have built great relationships with my clients. I am delighted with the service I receive from FFB.” - Small Business Owner.

To evaluate our service more, please visit our testimonial page.   If you think that this service could alleviate your stress and worry during the day, come and ta
ke a free 7-day call answering trial with us, which is easy to set up - you could be live within a few hours!

Give us a call today, and don’t put yourself at risk anymore.  0333 323 1007 or email

We look forward to taking your call!

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