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Face for Business has been a member of The Business Network for a few months now, and we’re looking forward to attending the next Chester meeting on Thursday 6th April 2017. This year we made a vow to network more and go meet our peers, so out we go!

The Benefits of The Business Network

The Business Network has been going for over 23 years helping senior decision makers create a support network of business contacts. Hosting lunchtime networking sessions throughout the UK with free educational seminars, free stands at events, free access to their national list of members and the opportunity to have monthly meetings with The Business Network members, as well as offering introductions to new business contacts giving attendees an abundance of new opportunties.

New customers via new conversations

In fact, during a recent networking session, Face for Business was delighted to gain a new customer as well as being able to take work from a member. A win-win situation, proving that networking in the right circles can help. I think some would also call it ‘commercial karma’.

There is a wealth of testimonials on their website which you can view here, and it seems that businesses all think the same; ‘personal touches’ and a ‘relaxed’ business networking environment makes for great networking.

Getting your brand and business known

As we noted in a previous blog, (Need Help Networking) networking really does help get your brand and service known and provides a platform for you to talk about what you do to like-minded people who also want to talk about what they do!

Will you be attending the next networking event?

We can’t wait to attend this week’s event in Chester and meet Tracey Griffiths. We’re also keen to hear Michelle Anthony’s presentation on this year’s budget – bet we’ll come back to the office with a wealth of knowledge and some great contacts. Give us a shout-out if you’re attending too!

Link to The Business Network’s website.

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Alun Jones, Face for Business

Alun Jones, Partner, Face for Business

Sara Parker Face for Business

Sara Parker, Marketing Manager, Face for Business