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For many, being your own boss is the ultimate employment dream.  No set hours, no one calling the shots and as for tricky office politics, they become a thing of the past.  However, while you work with clients you love and get first dibs on holiday dates, you need to be motivated to succeed, and this is sometimes the hardest job of all.  Without a boss cracking the whip it can be easy to fall into bad habits, miss deadlines and come unstuck, but don’t worry, we are here to keep you on track.

Factors to help you stay motivated

Dress the part
First things first and you need to look the part. Set your alarm, have a shower, put clean clothes on and answer your emails at your desk, not on the sofa in your pyjamas. We aren’t talking smarts suit and heels every day, but jogging bottoms and an ageing Nirvana t-shirt really aren’t going to put you in the professional zone.

If you are working at home, create a designated workspace because a corner of the breakfast table between the cornflakes and dirty dishes, won’t cut it. This could be your spare room, a quiet area in the living room or even a space under the stairs. Go for a sturdy desk and decent chair, add a stylish lamp, pin board and bright accessories and before you know it, you will have an office area you love working in.

Technology is key
A mobile phone with a competitive plan, computer and reliable internet access are all top priorities. If you are out meeting clients and networking, you might want to think about using a call answering service so you don’t miss any important enquiries or new business opportunities.

Make a plan
Planning not only makes your day more manageable, but it also allows you to be more productive. Create a flexible timetable and before long you will find your rhythm and start seeing the benefits of structured working paying off.

Put it in the diary
We all think we will remember every date we make, but when things get busy mistakes can easily be made. Be it paper, on your phone or online, make a note of everything that is happening to avoid slipping up and facing awkward situations.

Ensure you have the correct communication tools

Keeping in touch
Contact with the outside world is important so don’t burn all your bridges. While modern technology means you can do most communication via email and text, there is something to be said for a face to face, human contact. Meet up with clients, have lunch with a supplier, go to networking events and say yes to press launches and Christmas drinks because you never know who you might meet! Have a read of our blog Need Help Networking for some tips to get you started.

If you are putting 110% into your venture, you need to take some time out for you too. As well as regular desk breaks and lunch, make sure you reward yourself when you finish a report, get a new client or break your sales targets. This will keep you fresh and motivated to go on and do even more.

How a phone answering service can benefit you in your home business

I save time every time I switch Face for Business’ phone answering service on. I particularly like being able to listen to the call as a callers tone says so much. Every call is handled professionally and how I want. Being able to change my status so my receptionist knows how to respond is great. Working with Face for Business is excellent! – Computer Services Homeworker

The team at Face for Business are all doing a great job and have made my life so much easier. It means a lot to me to know that my calls are being answered and dealt with so well. I am always confident that I can have a meeting, or work offline, and I’m also confident that I will get a good message and can respond when I can. They are truly fantastic! – Financial Service Homeworker

As I am often out with clients for hours at a time, I rely on Face for Business to take any calls for me. I also don’t like taking calls when I’m busy with design work or with a client, as I like to give them my undivided attention. Having a call answering service means that I don’t have to worry about missing any calls, which could be a new client. I also have the back-up support which means that my dedicated PA takes detailed messages for me from my callers. – Graphic Designer Home Worker

If you would like to know more about how our phone answering service can keep you on track and motivated, make a note to get in touch and we will be very happy to chat with you! 0333 323 1007.

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