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Do you work in a remote or rural area?

If your business is based in remote Britain, chances are you will identify with the staggering 63% of small, rural businesses who told the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) they can suffer due to poor broadband speed. Maybe you’re one of the one in six adversely affected by the state of the road network or part of the large percentage of people whose mobile signal simply doesn’t stand up.  While these factors, and many others, can be frustrating, thousands of business from estate agents and photographers to vets and construction companies operate in rural areas, and thrive.  If you’re out of town and are feeling out on a limb, we have a few easy to implement ideas to get you back on track and in control.

Get Up to Speed

If your current internet service simply isn’t fit for purpose, don’t get frustrated, get it fixed. Even in the most remote areas things are changing and companies like Open Reach are aiming for 50 mega bytes per second (MBPS) as standard. Do some research, ask your clients and neighbours what service provider they use and swap to the best product possible.

Boost Your Signal
If phone signal is an issue, look at installing a booster in your home or business premises. These simple products can help with your Wi-Fi, enhance mobile reception and boost 3G connection, so you can get on and communicate with the outside world. Alternatively, you may be able to make calls from your mobile using your Wi-Fi signal.

Go Digital
If you have a decent Wi-Fi connection and are using digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype, you could be calling London from Launceston or messaging from Minehead to Manchester and location simply wouldn’t be an issue.

Call Answering Service
You might not have considered investing in a phone answering service before, but it could be a saving grace. Whether your line is out of service, you’re delivering a calf, or are in a new business meeting, using a service like Face for Business, means never missing a call again.  Our trained, professional receptionists become part of your team and deal with the calls you can’t take in a polite, efficient manner.

Before using Face for Business’ telephone answering service any new enquiries would direct to my mobile and often would not always get answered, or, I would not always be in a location that’s suitable or safe to answer – but now with Face for Business’ service every call is answered professionally, and an added bonus is that sales calls are turned away which means I can spend more time running my business. Thanks Face for Business.

Go Back to Building Basics
If you’re based in a rural area, your building may have inferior insulation, crumbling window frames and out of date phone wiring. These issues can eat into your profits so get a building MOT and make the necessary upgrades to ensure your working space, and communication systems, are in tip top condition.

Set Up a Networking Event

While networking events take place in towns and cities across the country every day, pin pointing them further afield can be tricky. Why not set up a regular networking event in your local community centre, library or pub and start making those much-needed connections.

If you would like to know how Face for Business could revolutionise your rural business, take a look at our case studies or get in touch to set up a free trial and experience the service for yourself.

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