Pexels Clicks to Cash Face for Business

Do you have a website that looks great and gets lots of positive feedback? Are your clicks converting into sales? Is new business coming in?

Whilst we can’t make someone hire you or buy your products, as a company that secures new business via our website, we have some tips on how to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Read our top ten tips on how to make your website work.

1.  Look Good
Fact; your website needs to look great to get it noticed. Clear copy, first class photography, decent design and an easy to navigate site will have people wanting to know more. From the start, design a site with the end goal in mind and you are half way to the checkout.

2.  Give Away Your Secrets
Yes, it sounds wrong but giving away knowledge is a smart move. An e-book, online course or free delivery is likely to appeal to your customer base and once they have signed up, you can start building a long-term relationship.

3.  The Need for Speed
If you don’t like waiting around for web pages to load, neither will your users. The faster your web pages load, the longer people will stay on your site and the more likely they are to buy from you. You can check out your website’s current speed here.

4.  Get Social
You might have a website full of cool copy and inspiring images, but none of that is any good if people don’t know it is there. Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about competitions, new products, guest blog posts or your recent offers and watch the traffic flow in.

5.  Go with Google
Another way to ensure people will find you is to play nice with Google. Don’t fill your pages with jargon but do write with your customers in mind and include your keywords in headlines and content. For example, at Face for Business we use terms like, phone answering service, call answering service and virtual receptionist to put us on the Google map.  Read more about how to incorporate keywords and search terms in this article from here.

6.  Advertise
Yes, advertising costs but those costs can be worth it. Paid searches, social media advertising and banner ads are all strong ways to not only attract visitors but also build your brand and get your products in front of people.  If you decide to use a tool such as Google Adwords, you can control the amount of budget you spend – find out more in this helpful article published on the Adwords website.

7.  Be Responsive
More and more people are using mobile devices to access the web, and if your site doesn’t fit the small screen, they won’t hang around. When creating your website ensure it is accessible and easily viewable on all devices and don’t forget to think about how your target audience views the web.

8.  Emailing Marketing Isn’t Over
Email marketing can be a powerful tool when it comes to converting browsers to buyers on your website. While you don’t want to bombard people with endless emails about your business, reminders about new services, products, offers and sales can be the nudge they need to make a purchase.  Plus, it will keep your business in the forefront of your prospects mind. Include a link to a page on your website.  Afterall its the clicks you’re wanting!

9.  Analyse It
Back to Google and this time we are talking analytics. This might seem scary but Google Analytics will allow you to measure advertising return on investment as well as track your most popular pages and find out where your site traffic is coming from. This information can help you plan content and build strategies that will allow you to engage with visitors and get them buying.

10.  Say “Hello”
Ever looked for contact details on a website and given up because it was so hard to find hidden? Don’t let this be you. Make it easy for people to get in touch, sign up for updates and if they are buying online make it safe but simple or you could lose out.

Good luck!
We hope we’ve given you enough information to go on in terms of making your website work for you.  Our own website is constantly evolving and we’ve new videos to add soon! Please do keep checking in.  Good luck!

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