Face for Business Moving Day Countdown

Love your location but feel like you could do with a bit more storage space?  Have loads of room but feeling isolated in a rural location?  While moving can be stressful, getting your workspace right can vastly improve your business, help generate new clients and let you employee more staff, all of which makes the hassle of relocating worth it.  Take your time to find the right property in the perfect location with the best terms and conditions, and you are half way there.  We won’t disagree that moving itself will be stressful, but we have some simple golden rules for the lead up to the big day to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Our countdown to moving day!

Six Weeks Before Moving

Smart office design can help improve productivity and increase staff morale so it’s a good idea to get this right from the start. Measure your new space and if you need new furniture, this is the time to order so it arrives for the big day, not weeks afterwards.

Four Weeks Before Moving

It is vital to have a plan in place for the transition of your communication and IT facilities to ensure minimum disruption. As well planning your internet and phone installation you might want to consider using a call answering service. This can take away the stress of speaking to clients or missing new business opportunities while moving boxes and cleaning out cupboards. You never know, you might love it so much, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship. We helped local surveying firm, Roger Hannah & Co, manage the logistics of their phone calls during an office relocation, ensuring that continuity of communication amongst their staff and their clients.  We answered calls on behalf of approximately 30 staff members…

This is just a quick note to express our sincere thanks for the support we received from Face for Business during our recent office move to Manchester. Due to the logistical challenges of migrating 2 offices into 1, at very short notice, we were left without the use of a telephone system and were unable to answer our inbound telephone calls, which are the lifeblood of our business. Thankfully, Face for Business stepped in quickly to provide a solution for handling our calls and diverting them through to the relevant emergency and staff mobile numbers as appropriate. Throughout the process Face for Business were friendly and courteous to our callers and demonstrated a knowledge of our business, which helped make the transition appear seamless. Thanks again for your professional support.

Get a quote for moving from a reputable haulage company and get all the help you can to ease the load from employees, family and friends.  Ensure there will be somewhere to unload on moving day and if you need to reserve a space, do it now to avoid annoying your new neighbours even before you have moved in.

Three Weeks Before Moving

Book the removal company and secure with a deposit.  At this point, let your existing suppliers know that you are moving out. Cancel, or move, everything from your milk deliveries to the cleaners and sandwich van. Order your new stationery and business cards at this point as well as building signage so people know you are there.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Go back to the new premises and check things over to ensure you are happy with everything and make a list of any last-minute changes or requirements.  Post redirection is key to ensure important deliveries and papers don’t go astray. You can do everything online and organise it for 3, 6 or 12 month periods.  Have your moving boxes delivered around now get your team involved with packing, especially their belongings.

One Week Before Moving

If you have early access to your building, this is a great time to put the internet and phones in place so you are ready to go from day one.  At this point things will get busy, so put your out of office on complete with the new address on your email signature.  Make sure you update your website and any relevant social media channels with your new address and details.  Keep up with the packing.  Organise a final deep clean of the old office and carry out any repairs so the property is in a good state of repair. This way you will be at less risk of losing your rental deposit and getting into stressful disputes with the landlord.

On the Day

Arrive early.  Keep calm knowing your calls will be taken care of by your phone answering service and simply focus on the job in hand. Before you lock up for the last time, go around your old office and check everything has been packed, the power is off and you are left with nothing but good memories. Once you are in your new location, check the power, toilets, fridges etc. are working and if there are any problems, flag to the landlord straight away. Start unpacking!

We wish you all the luck with your move and if you would like to know how a telephone answering service could benefit you and your business, in the short and long term, get in touch and we would love to tell you more.

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