Cal Handling for Contractors with Face for Business

Louise answers calls for contractors

I have worked at Face for Business for over two years now, and I love coming into work as all the team are so nice and friendly. It’s also great working locally, and all the girls feel the same. There is a real sense of community at work, and we all contribute towards making our working environment great.

I ensure that my clients don’t miss any calls or new business enquiries

My role within Face for Business is Lead PA for a pool of PAs who look after all our contractor clients. Ranging from electricians and builders to alarm businesses and cleaning contractors – I ensure that they don’t miss any calls which ultimately could lead to loss of business. They know that their own clients will ring different companies to obtain best prices and quotes for work, so its imperative to them that their calls are answered, and not only this, it helps to know the industry.

Answering calls for clients from the contracting industry

Thankfully as I call handle hundreds of calls per week for my clients in the contracting sector, it helps me to understand their customers’ needs and requests also. Most of my clients are busy ‘doing work’ so can’t always answer the phone, so Face for Business really does provide an effective solution for them.  The main focus of my job for me is to ensure all callers are greeted in a friendly and efficient manner and I try to be as helpful as I can. I love interacting with my callers and have got to know quite a few of my clients’ regulars!  Have a read of some of our client testimonials from the contracting sector.

Before using Face for Business’ telephone answering service any new enquiries would direct to my mobile and often would not always get answered.  Or being in the construction industry, I would not always be in a location that’s suitable or safe to answer – but now with Face for Business’ service every call is answered professionally, and an added bonus is that sales calls are turned away which means I can spend more time running my business.  –  Electrical Company, North Wales

Before joining Face for Business as a call handling PA, I worked as a receptionist for various mail order companies, dental practices and a large hotel chain, so I have a lot of varied office experience which helps with my role as it has given me the confidence to assist customers with their enquiries, and to provide them with an efficient and friendly service.

When I’m not in work I love to spend my time cooking, going for walks with my family or watching my son play rugby, which takes up most of my weekends!