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Small Business Owner uses call handling service

With ambition and drive, Jesse runs a small but growing business and is a firm believer that first impressions count.  He contacted Face for Business several months ago when he no longer wanted clients to go through to voicemail when he was unable to take his calls. However, with his hard-earned reputation on the line, he wanted a PA who was a part of his team.  From the moment he met our call handing PAs and support staff, Jesse was impressed with the Face for Business approach and ethos, and today he is delighted with the service we are offering him and his company.  Jesse was paired with Sarah, whose background and work experience gave Jesse that additional confidence and he has now built up an excellent working relationship with her.

Face for Business’ PAs are the difference

A PA of your own – why our PAs are the difference
At Face for Business we pride ourselves on getting to know your business and matching you with the perfect PA. Jesse knew we had done this when he called his number one night and questioned his PA about the late hour. She didn’t get flustered but instead told him she was new to the team and catching up with admin. He was impressed with her confident, professional response which was spot on and exactly what he was looking for.

Sarah, Face for Business Call Handling PA

Sarah, Jesse’s Call Handling PA

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Jesse might work alone but with big ideas and plans for growth, he doesn’t want that to go against him when looking for new clients. The perception of his business is really important to him and by having multiple lines set up and a dedicated PA, the impression of a well-established business is exactly what has been created.

Call monitoring – our open and honest approach

One of the biggest draws for Jesse to Face for Business is that he can listen to his calls whenever he likes. This service isn’t offered by all calling answering companies, but this addition made us stand out to him.  We also encourage all our clients to use the feedback section on their client portal.  This maintains our open and honest approach, and as noted in our missions statement ‘we go the extra mile’ for our clients.  Jesse told us…

“It is very important for me to be able to listen to how my calls are answered and dealt with and this was a huge selling point for me. I like to be able to assess the quality of the answers from my PA and I can 100% say that my client calls are well handled by Face for Business.”

We pride ourselves on offering the very best call answering service possible

Face for Business is true to itself
Jesse noticed we are a growing business and wanted reassurance that this wouldn’t change the one to one service he receives from us.   Andy MacGregor, Face for Business’ Managing Director, said…

“We absolutely pride ourselves on offering all our clients the very best call answering service possible and this will not change as we grow. The very essence of our business is to offer first class PAs who understand our client’s businesses and are part of their team. I am delighted that Jesse has been impressed with us so far and guarantee him that things will only get better as we get bigger. Jesse has an excellent working relationship with his PA, Sarah, and is in touch with her regularly to give her updates. They get on really well!”

Jesse added…

“I am happy to talk to anybody that is interested in using Face for Business as a phone answering service for their business. Please get in touch with them, and they will forward your details to me.”

If you are interested in how Face for Business could help you and your business, get in touch today to discuss the options available and set up a free seven-day trial.

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We’ve not used a real photo of Jesse, as we have to maintain the wishes of our clients. Whilst most of our clients are happy to promote the fact that they use a phone answering service, some like us to keep this information confidential.