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Tablet computers, hands free gaming, hover boards and fingerprint recognition seemed way out there when Back to the Future hit our screens in 1985. As we sat watching in shell suits with cork screw perms, the idea of self-tying shoe laces and video calls seemed, well crazy, but fast forward two decades and we are more automated than ever.  If Marty McFly got things right in the film, many people are wondering what is next and whether robots belong to the future of business rather than real employees.  ATMs and self-scanners at the supermarket are just two obvious ways that technology has taken over traditional jobs. However, at Face for Business we simply don’t believe that everything can be done by robots and that for some roles, the human touch is needed.

Trasformation of technology and the internet

Yes, there is no getting away from the fact that technology and the internet are transforming the employment landscape, but rather than obliterating the need for real employees, businesses are flourishing.  A Business Harvard Review study revealed that between 1995 and 2005 the IT revolution led to a 0.6% growth in labour productivity growth and overall growth in Europe, the US and Japan of 1%.  This perfectly illustrates that just as new innovations come along, like iPhones and Facebook, so do new jobs and opportunities. Ten years ago, Social Media Managers and bloggers really didn’t exist, but today they very much make up the fabric of business and are vital to commercial success.

Wanting the human touch for your callers’

Each month at Face for Business, we are being approached by companies who are expanding but they want a human to answer their phone calls rather than going through to voicemail and leaving technology to pick up opportunities. From the moment your business line rings, if you have an account with us, you know the call will be dealt with 100% professionally with knowledge and insight and warmth. Each call is answered using an agreed greeting, with your business name, and not only do our receptionists have full training they also get to know their clients’ business properly and thoroughly so they’ll get to know the kind of questions that might be asked.

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Support, flexibility and empathy

Our clients can get on with their work and attend events and meetings knowing that their calls are answered by someone with those vital human skills of empathy, language comprehension and flexibility that an automated service simply can’t offer. We even support our clients’ receptionists and PAs and their calls come to us when they are on the other line, at training or on a lunch break.

It really helps having a dedicated PA who knows our company so well, as we’ve passed on the important prices information to our PA. We are finding that we’re capturing more clients this way, and the calls are handled excellently. – Small Business Owner

I particularly like being able to listen to the call as a caller’s tone says so much and I can email my receptionist to clarify anything that might be an issue. – Independent consultant

Listening back to calls to gauge a tone of voice

Our clients can listen back to their messages to ensure they are happy with the way their calls are being dealt with and at any time changes can be made to greetings, messages and the details that are given out.

For us it is imperative that all our calls are captured and managed professionally and this is where Face for Business excels. Working alongside our in-house call team, they act like a seamless extension of our business and their dedicated PA’s really go the extra mile to understand the specifics of each event we are managing. This allows them to converse with our clients in the right way. The fact that all of their calls are recorded, is also reassuring, as it enables us to track the quality of their call handling, which is always first class. – National Events Company

No substitute for real people

Just as Back to the Future has stood the test of time with viewers around the world, we think there simply isn’t a substitute for a real person answering the phone and our business can only go from strength to strength.  If you would like to know more about how our call answering service could help you, do give a member of our team a call (0333 323 1007) and see how we can help you in your business.

Your calls are in our safe hands.

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