Face for Business ecommerce call answering

First it took our calls, then it helped with our diaries and social lives so it was only a matter of time, and logic, before the mobile device took control of our shopping habits and wallets.  Recent findings from the Centre for Retail Research for VoucherCodes, revealed 71.5% of the British population now buy online and it is thought that UK shoppers will spend £67bn online in 2017, of which £27bn will be via mobile devices. Wow!  Bigger screens, faster networks, price comparison ease and the desire to buy what you want NOW, all play a part in a trend that will hopefully help your business, and profits, grow.  However, it doesn’t matter how slick your images are, how tight your copy reads or how targeted your mobile marketing and Google AdWords are, if you drive footfall to a website via a device but aren’t around to answer the resulting phones calls, it could all be in vain.

Don’t worry, Face for Business can help.

We understand that there will be times when you simply cannot get to the phone and that is where our professional, affordable call answering service comes in.  By understanding not only your business, but also your online offering, we can help your callers with their queries and you will be seen as not only offering an optimised, mobile-friendly website but seamless customer service too.

Exellent customer service for your callers

While your customers might have found you online, they sometimes want to talk to a human and that personal interaction can be the difference between a sale made or a sale lost. Your virtual PA might sit in our office, but you can be confident that every time they take your calls they will provide a consistently positive experience and will add value to your business.

Face for Business provides excellent customer service for our callers when we are unable to answer any calls. Many of the calls that go through to Face for Business come from new clients who are making enquiries. Their PAs take details down accurately, as per our requirements, so we are able to call back with ease.  Having an outsourced call answering service also allows our search engine enquires to be captured, ensuring that any new leads are called back. The service has proved to be seamless and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

Outsourced call answering service

Just because business is done online, customer service still needs to be spot on. For us, it is a priority that your business is shown in the best possible light and even if you are far from the phone, we will do all that can to help with all questions and capture specific details so you can follow up.

Taking Orders

For those customers who don’t quite trust buying online, despite finding you in cyberspace, being able to call and check their sale has gone through can be the reassurance they need to be 100% happy with your service. We can take this initial call for you, alleviating customer fears about placing orders online.

Support from your call answering PA

Just as you can decide on how your calls are answered, at Face for Business, we can make sure your PA has a list of your Frequently Asked Questions so we have all we need to assist. If we aren’t able to help directly, we will of course send you a clear message via email or text so the right answer is given as soon as possible.

Phone answering service to complement customer service

When it comes to providing an excellent customer service for your new purchasers, having a complementary provision such as a phone answering service in place will ensure you stand out from the crowd, by providing a face/voice for your ecommerce business.  If you work in e-commerce and want to know more about our services, call us on 0333 323 1007 and we’ll be happy to have an informal chat about the options available to you. Alternatively, please do have a browse around our website.

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