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When you think of call answering, you think of just that. A call is taken and a message is passed on.  In some cases, this is true, but at Face for Business we work with a wide range of companies, each with a specific set of requirements, that we not only aim to meet, but exceed.  From the moment your phone rings, our fully trained staff take over and do so much more than say ‘hello’.

Interim cover support during peak periods

There are times when all businesses need a little extra help and Face for Business ensure you are totally supported and your calls are taken care of, leaving you to get on with the job in hand. Whether your business is a large financial corporation or an independent funeral director (and many many more in between) we know how to answer your calls, and just as you like us to!  Whether you need lunchtime cover, help with staff sickness, additional support as permanent staff are recruited or you have a marketing campaign running that is generating an increase in enquiries, we can help. We also provide seamless and essential back up support to your reception and switchboards.


Your PA will have all the details, a consistently professional service will be offered and you can think of us as your insurance policy when the heat is on.


I would like to thank Face for Business for their help in supporting my business. Initially I struggled to think how I could give away the responsibility of answering my calls to an answering service. I was fearful that the service provided would not match the standards that I would expect. These fears were unfounded, as your company more than matched the professionalism that I would expect. Your company is ideal for a number of uses; firefighting busy periods, covering for staff shortages, and, in particular, was useful when running a recent marketing campaign. The added benefit of a dedicated telephone number was extremely useful. I will continue to use your service and would not hesitate to recommend you to other businesses.

Overflow call management

For some businesses, especially those running a larger operation, employees are often out on the road (and can’t answer their calls) or are with clients and answering the phone just isn’t possible. In those situations, rather than lose business, you can use your Face for Business PA to answer for you so your callers have a seamless experience. They’ll answer in your company name, just as your own PA/receptionist would.

Calls can be transferred to various departments as well as landlines and mobiles and with the added benefit of having access to the team’s diary, it is as if your PA is sitting in your office right beside you.

We are committed to providing our clients with a professional, reliable and personal service. To help us achieve this, we work closely with Face for Business who provide overflow call management support for when our agents are either busy in meetings, or engaged on other calls. The solution works perfectly for us, as it ensures that all of our client calls are captured and dealt with professionally and consistently, whilst making sure that we do not miss any important opportunities.

Telephone answering app

Face for Business is about to launch its brand new user friendly app which will add to our clients’ experience. The app is linked directly back to the online portal, and is so easy to use and navigate. It will make our client interaction more seamless and will contribute towards their continuing relationship with their PAs. The app will allow clients to change their status, view messages and listen to calls, from any place anywhere. Watch this space for more details!

Office move support

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life, and that includes a business move as well as your home. While you organise boxes, cables and the IT guys, you can be confident that your PA will take your calls, forward messages and even contact a key employee if there is an emergency. However tricky and demanding the move is, your clients will have no idea that the removal lorry is stuck under a bridge as their call will be handled impeccably.

This is just a quick note to express our sincere thanks for the support we received from Face for Business during our recent office move to Manchester. Due to the logistical challenges of migrating 2 offices into 1, at very short notice, we were left without the use of a telephone system and were unable to answer our inbound telephone calls, which are the lifeblood of our business. Thankfully, Face for Business stepped in quickly to provide a solution for handling our calls and diverting them through to the relevant emergency and staff mobile numbers as appropriate. Throughout the process Face for Business were friendly and courteous to our callers and demonstrated a knowledge of our business, which helped make the transition appear seamless. Thanks again for your professional support.


Whether you’re a business owner, PA or in-house receptionist, if you would like to know more about how Face for Business could work for you, call us on 0333 323 1007 or visit our website to discover more about us.



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