September Start Anew Face for Business

The holidays are over, the nights are drawing in and let’s face it with no bank holidays in sight until Christmas, this time of year can feel a little flat.  Rather than counting down the days to the end of the year, why not make the last three months of 2017 the best?

We know, we know, but the sooner you start on your end of year accounts, the better. Leaving important matters until the very last minute can play on your mind and make you less productive and if you do have questions, the final hour isn’t the time to be asking.  You know you can always rely on us to answer your telephone calls for us for a couple of hours if you need to knuckle down.

Re-organising your desk drawers and filing cabinets as well as deleting emails and unsubscribing from unread blogs, will not only free up the space around you but also give you the mental capacity to focus on strategies and objectives.

Whether it’s a weekly call, monthly meeting or bi-annual update, meetings can really clog up your diary and aren’t always necessary. Take a look at your calendar and if you start to prioritise what really needs to happen and step back from those bad meeting habits, you will be amazed at how much time you will free up to get on with work.

Online Audit
You might use Facebook with family and friends, but just make sure you are populating your social media feeds on a regular basis and they are all on brand as this can help you grow. Now is also the time to check your website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Keeping it clean and clear, using eye catching images and creating a call to action can all help generate leads and new business.

Phone Calls
Have a think about how often you miss a call because you are on the road, in a meeting or delivering a pitch? Yes, it can go to voicemail but people still like to hear a human voice at the end of the phone, even in this digital era. This is where a call answering service really comes into its own. You don’t have the cost or liability of an employee but at Face for Business we offer professional, trained PAs who are an extension of your team, and an asset to your company. We answer calls for all types of business, large and small.  Have a look through our Clients Like You pages to discover more.

Why not use Q3 as an opportunity to not only review the way you work, but how others work for you? Maybe your courier is always late, your utility bills are stacking up or your broadband provider is simply failing to provide adequate speed? Whatever it might be, make a list of all your suppliers and see which are adding value and which are taking away from your profit line.

Life Coach, Chloe Leibowitz, told us,

“I often suggest to clients that they use September as a time to focus on their business, and start new habits and regimes. You might think you don’t have the time to do this, but in reality, stepping back, looking at where changes can be made and taking stock can be the best thing for your business moving forward. By simply adding one small, new task per week, or per month, you avoid the overwhelm of trying to do it all at once and before long you’ve achieved a whole lot more than you imagined you could.”

Christmas Checklist for Small Businesses
Finally, if you would really like to get ahead of the programme and be super organised this year, why not start your Christmas organisation early? From Christmas cards to staff parties and Christmas shopping, it can become so stressful! However, we’ve found this really useful Christmas checklist for small businesses.  It’s been created by Watertight Marketing and is really really useful. We hope you like it.

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