Being an IT business means that you’re constantly on the phone trouble shooting client issues or are in the middle of undertaking complicated and intricate repairs on computers or installing cables onsite.

The people at North West Linux were struggling to answer all their client queries, with some customers becoming disgruntled and frustrated leaving various voicemails and hearing engaged tones when ringing up to report a fault.

The owner began to look for a solution and decided that a telephone answering service was the way to go. He now diverts his, and his team’s, calls, to Face for Business when on the other line or are in the middle of repairs/installations. He gives his Lead PA and her team strict call handling instructions, and the questions he needs to know from his callers in order to make an informed return call. Our service also helps him when he is out of signal range. When this happens, his calls come straight to us and he is rest assured that his customers are receiving a great customer service.

The benefits of using Face for Business for North West Linux are:

  • Having a Lead PA who gets to know his business and the types of calls he receives. Therefore, asking the right questions he needs to know before he can call back, prepared.
  • All his calls are answered and his customers are not frustrated by leaving a voicemail. His customer service has improved and he now provides an excellent service.
  • New clients are captured and detailed information taken, meaning the caller won’t go to a competitor.

This type of support means that no additional administrative staff are required, and provides a cost effective solution to answering his calls.

Client Testimonial

“I can now manage my business more proactively using Face for Business’ telephone answering service. I can divert my calls when I’m in the workshop repairing computers and especially when I am on site installing data cables, and undertaking intricate switch work. It also helps enormously to have PAs answering my calls who know my business, and know exactly what I need to know to make a return call. My Lead PA and her team now know the majority of my customers, and having them pick up any unanswered calls have seen my client base increase. I have nothing but praise for Face for Business and my callers’ have complimented me on having such professional and friendly staff.”

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