Face for Business Client Feedback Testimonials

While you can talk about how amazing you and your business are, as Bryony Thomas writes in Watertight Marketing, if you have no proof of these promises and claims, why should anyone believe you?  (See Leak #6 of her methodology).  Harsh but true.  Using testimonials might make you cringe, but the reality is they are a key part of the marketing mix and if you aren’t using them, you’re missing a powerful trick.  An authentic testimonial from a happy customer speaks volumes, and let’s face it a referral from a colleague or friend beats taking a risk on a cold sales pitch or random website.  Whether it’s comments, case studies or online reviews, at Face for Business we believe in the power of testimonials and have looked at how you can use nuggets of unbiased, impartial information to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Wait, Ask
If you believe in what you do, ask for feedback, don’t wait for it to come to you. You need to make this easy for people to put posts on LinkedIn, send out feedback forms with products, use Facebook polls to elicit comments and you never know, brave, loyal customers may even make a video singing your praises. Of course, if you ask your customers for feedback, then return the favour and give praise to businesses you love, especially the smaller ones that need that extra boost.

Be Honest
If you want your prospects to believe your testimonials, they need to be authentic and real. Collect honest feedback, if you collate data use the exact figures and never be tempted to make things up as this could instantly destroy your reputation.

Get Permission
While you don’t have to use every single word that is given to you, don’t change the context or true meaning of what has been said. Whether you’re using feedback online, in brochures or on business cards, get permission to use the comments before publishing.

Add Testimonials to Your Website
Once you have good stuff to shout about, use it. One of the best ways to showcase what people are saying about you is to create a dedicated testimonials page on your website. On our website we use clear, concise comments with company names and logos so potential clients can see what we do and for whom:

I’ve been using Face for Business now since early February, and have found the service to be invaluable. As I am often out with clients for hours at a time, I rely on Face for Business to take any calls for me.


We have found Face for Business to be an asset to the firm in that they take a number of calls that potentially, we could have missed. It means that we are capturing first time clients who, in all likelihood, may have phoned other firms.

Quality Solicitors, Edward Hughes

Be Social
If someone has said something great about your business, let the world know. Testimonials can be, and should be, shared across your social media platforms and with Facebook posts being shared, tweets being retweeted and pins reposted, you can spread the word about your good work far and wide.

Turn Bad into Good
We all dread receiving negative feedback, but it does happen and the worst thing you can do is ignore it or even worse, delete it. When less than favourable comments are made, always go back to the customer as soon as you can, apologise and work towards a resolution. Owning up to mistakes not only wins back the trust of that person, but leaves potential customers with a positive impression of your business and ethics.

We hope we have shown you that using feedback isn’t showing off but a clever, proactive way to market your services, build your reputation and drive those all-important sales.  Why not start collecting and using testimonials today and see just how it can benefit you?

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