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Ever been in the middle of a consultation with a new client and blushed as you made your apologies when the phone rang and you realised you hadn’t diverted your calls?  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us but it doesn’t need to be an ongoing issue.  At Face for Business we are speaking to an increasing number of professionals from the aesthetics industry who need help when it comes to managing their phone enquiries.  Word of mouth, social media, networking and traditional marketing can all help generate new leads, but if you are too busy to take the calls your hard work might be in vain.  While right now might not be the time for you to hire a PA of your own, by using a call answering service for your aesthetics business, you can have all the benefits of a company receptionist but without employment contracts, salaries, sick pay, holiday time or pensions to worry about. Or alternatively, if you have a receptionist we can help at busy periods, lunchtimes or during annual leave.

Yes, a call answering service is a financial investment but as you become busier, need to attend more industry events and build your client list, the benefits will quickly pay off…

“We couldn’t be happier that we discovered this unique way of call answering. As there are only two of us in the clinic, and with us both being in appointments for the majority of our working day, we were struggling to answer calls…”

Lisa, Aesthetics Business Owner, Liverpool.

Telephone Answering Service for Aesthetics Businesses – Examples

Independent Aesthetics Business Owner
You don’t have any staff available to answer the phone whilst you are with a client. The caller rings off and tried the next person on their list of aesthetics clinics to ring. You worry whether the caller was a new client and are a bit distracted when administering treatment to the client you’re with. It turns out that the caller was a new client, ringing to book an appointment for a course of Botox, with an average cost of £300.00. This was just one of a number of calls you missed that morning, and if each call was answered, you would have gained yourself a number of new clients bringing in a potential revenue of £3000. The cost of our phone answering service starts from £45.00 per month and suits the smaller aesthetics business.

Larger or Multi-Site Clinic
However, if you are part of a larger clinic and have your own contact centre, then we can help you with the overflow calls that your own agents may miss. We work with a national cosmetic and aesthetic clinic in this way. They have their own agents who answer all calls for all 18 of their clinics. However, when the agents are busy on calls, booking consultations or treatments, their phones lines divert to us and we answer the calls for them, in their company name, and take a message, requesting the exact same details as the clinic’s staff would. This works perfectly for our client, as it ensures that they don’t miss any new clients and also shows existing patients that their calls really do matter.

You can read a case study featuring one of our aesthetics business clients here.

Aesthetics Call Handling

Benefits of using Face for Business’ Phone Answering Service

• All our staff are IQ and psychometrically tested so you are guaranteed to have only the best PAs answering your calls.

• Following an introductory call, your PA will start to answer calls in your company name, using an agreed message and their approach will reflect the integrity and professionalism of your business.

• Our PAs will have an understanding of what you do, who your clients are and what type of calls to expect and armed with this knowledge they will be a seamless part of your team.

• Detailed messages are sent to you via email and text and you will have 24/7 access to a personalised online message portal from day one.

• Our call record facility allows you to listen back to all your calls to ensure you are happy with our service and the right impression is being created.

• We offer a diary management service so we know where you are, when you are free and we can book clients in for appointments.

• We can take secure payments over the phone for you using your system or Worldpay, who we have partnered with to create more holistic service for our clients.

Face for Business Phone Answering Aesthetics Industry

With our pricing packages starting from just £45.00 per month, that’s less than the cost of your daily latte!

“It really helps having a dedicated PA who knows our company so well, as we’ve passed on our important prices for information to our PA. We’re finding that we’re capturing more clients this way, and the calls are handled excellently.”

If you are ready to end the days of missed calls and disappointed customers, why not get in touch on 0333 323 1007 to find out more, and to start a no obligation, 7-day FREE trial.

Visit our aesthetics call handing page here for more information.