Sara Parker and Derrick Williams Kit Aid Sara Parker with Derrick Williams, Kit Aid, and her daughter, Isabella

While business is all about turnover and profits, on the flip side have you ever thought about what you are giving back?  Whether you are a start-up company or a global concern, factoring Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into your business plan will not only make you feel good, it can also add credibility to your offerings and give you a market edge.  Sara Parker is the Face for Business Marketing Manager and as well as promoting this successful call answering service, she gets involved with issues close to her heart too.

Kit Aid and Laughter Africa

Over the past year or so Sara has been involved with Kit Aid, an innovative charity that sends preloved footballs kits to some of the world’s must underprivileged people. Set up by Derrick Williams MBE in 1998, today over 350,000 kits have been sent to children and adults in more than 40 countries across the globe. Staggeringly impressive as well as heart-warming.  Through her volunteering work, Sara came in contact with James Tyrall, the founder of Laughter Africa, a developmental organisation working with street children in Africa that has connections with Kit Aid. While many of us take a hot meal and warm bed in a safe home for granted, James is only too aware that for many children, this is far from reality, and something he wants to change.

Sara said…

I’ve been involved with Kit Aid for just over a year and I am proud to have collected hundreds of football kits that may have otherwise been left in a cupboard to gather dust. Whilst I was at St Luke’s Church in Everton packing up shirts and shorts to be sent aboard, I met James’ parents who told me of the work their son was doing with Laughter Africa and I was really impressed and touched and felt that I could help him. As a thank you for the kits we sent his charity, he visited my children’s school, St Anne’s RC Ormskirk, and provided pupils and staff with a number of insightful workshops.

He made a big impression and as a result, our school went on to raise over £1,000 for Laughter Africa. This money will be used to help improve the lives of children, the same age as my own, living on the streets of Africa who are afraid and alone, something that makes me so sad.

I love being part of the team at Face for Business and watching not only our call handling company grow, but also supporting others as they flourish. At the same time, I think it is really important to be aware of the world around us and through my volunteering work I am planning to collect more kits in the lead up to Christmas and can’t wait to send another batch to Laughter Africa.

Laughter Africa Kit Aid Donations

Twinkle House and Queenscourt Hospice

As well as raising money for Laughter Africa, the team here at Face for Business are avid supporters of local based charities Twinkle House and Queenscourt Hospice.  The team has just partaken in a bit of fundraising (13th October) for the hospice’s ‘Go Purple & Green Day’ – which they hope to help roll out to more businesses in the Burscough community next year.  The team also has ambitious plans to compose a charity record for Twinkle House, alongside Ormskirk Vocal Academy, as a couple of the team have children who are studying for their London College of Music exams, so it was a good fit! We’ll be writing more about this in the coming weeks.

If this has got you thinking about how you could create a CSR programme for your business, look out for a blog post about this in the coming weeks. Furthermore, if you would like to find out more about the charities we’re supporting, please visit the websites below.

Kit Aid

Laughter Africa

Twinkle House

Queenscourt Hospice

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