Helen Office Manager Face for Business

Meet the Team – Helen – Office Manager

I’m the office manager here at Face for Business and have worked for the company for 4 years.  During this time we have grown five–fold in terms of staffing levels and I am extremely proud of the team that we have built. When we’re recruiting new team members we look for applicants who not only demonstrate an excellent understanding of what fantastic customer service looks like, but we are also extremely keen to ensure that they will fit into our team.

Face for Business Offices at Burscough Canal

Beautiful canal-side location for Face for Business’ offices

Feel good factor and team work
There is a real ‘feel good’ factor here and every member of the team works extremely hard to ensure that we give the best possible service. I genuinely believe that this atmosphere translates itself into the manner in which we handle our customer’s calls and why many new customers choose Face for Business over our competitors.

Memorable moments

We have had many memorable moments over the last 4 years, some key wins and some great feedback. Our customers see us as an extension to their own business and we have even been invited to a client’s Christmas office party!! I think that my most memorable moment however, was the move to our new office.

Face for Business Telephone Answering Service

Face for Business’ new brand and external signage

Our community 
The premises are tailor-made for us and have now been branded with our new logo. Burscough is a small Lancashire village on the banks of the Leeds-Liverpool canal. The location is perfect for us with many a lunch hour spent feeding the ducks on a sunny day! We’re also now very much part of the community here in the village, some of our neighbours are now our customers, and we’ll take part in local village events whenever we can.

Face for Business Our PAs are the Difference

We moved to new offices in May 2016 and added new branding in May 2017

We’re all very excited about what the future has in store and look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead. We’re a busy, growing company and the future looks bright!