Face for Business PA Diane Estate Agents Sector

Diane is a mum of two small, but very energetic boys, who certainly keep her busy and working at Face for Business gives her a chance to re-gain her sanity with a friendly team as well as enjoy a full HOT cup of tea in peace.  She likes to be organised due to her family routine and continues this in her work environment, understanding her client sector in detail and giving her best to her call handling roll capturing the correct information to pass on to her customers.

Diane takes calls on behalf of clients in the estate agents sector, and enjoys the variety of these calls, as well as capturing new vendor sales, noting down the exact details her clients have requested of her which helps the agents undertake research to make an informed call back.  She also loves providing excellent customer service to the people she speaks to on the phone each day.  She loves the flexibility and balance that being at work gives her, but is also ‘a bit of a perfectionist’, always trying her best, following this on in a professional manner in her workload!

In her spare time Diane likes to…..….. actually as said, Diane has two small children so there’s no such thing as ‘spare time’! One day Diane, one day!  She regularly fundraises for Queenscourt Hospice and was part of the team that took forward Face for Business’ effort for ‘Go Purple and Green’ day on 13 October 2017.

Face for Business fundraising for Queenscourt Hospice

Sarah, Sue, Susan and Diane! 

What Diane’s clients say about her…

Your staff are experienced and highly motivated professionals determined to provide the best service possible. Face for Business has become an extension of my own business and we are proud of the association safe in the knowledge you will enhance my own brand. A lost call used to be a lost opportunity. A call picked up by Face for Business now underlines to our customers that we really are the proper property people.

If you would like to find out more about how we provide outsourced reception to our clients from the estate agents sector, please click here.