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It was National Statistic Day on 20th October and was a timely reminder that when it comes to business, and pleasure for that matter, people count.  In a survey that Face for Business conducted we asked 1500 people how they felt about their experiences when calling companies – the results were quite interesting. 43% of 18 to 30 year olds prefer communicating via telephone, which is pretty high given the 24/7 digital age we are living in.  Almost half of those questioned said they spent ten minutes a week waiting for their calls to be picked up but at the same time 70% hang up after just three rings.  Wow.  That doesn’t give you long to get it right so we have looked at how to win people over so they feel looked after rather than being left out in the cold.

Provide exceptional customer service to your clients

Nurturing relationships with clients is a vital part of growing a successful business and building a strong reputation. While we are operating in an era of automation and innovation, showing your customers you actually care, has never been more important.

When customers say something, listen. If you take into account their feedback, be it positive or negative, and act on it, then you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. If there’s a complaint on social media, a returned product or request for a new service, listen, consider and communicate because there’s potential to lose business if you don’t.

Be transparent
If you want your customers to trust you, it is important that you are transparent and honest. Keep things real and if you mess up, ‘fess up’ and rectify the situation. If orders are going to be late, your IT system is down or there is staff sickness, be open. People will respect you and you are less likely to slip up later on.

Have a trained PA who will answer your business calls

Answer the phone
While many of us might be glued to our tablets and laptops, when it comes to customer service, the phone is king. There will be times when you can’t pick up, so why not consider investing in a phone answering service? For less than the cost of a daily coffee, a trained PA can take your calls and become a part of your team, even if they are sitting miles away from your business site.  It works fantastically for thousands of UK businesses, so why not join them?

Keep to time
Nothing says, ‘you don’t matter’ than being late. Yes, there are times when the traffic is bad or your car breaks down, but if you are going to a meeting, speaking at an event or having lunch with a supplier, be five minutes early and show that person they matter.

Give something back
Discounts, loyalty card, Facebook competitions and flash sales are all simple but effective ways to give back to your clients. We know you can’t give things away for free all the time, but look at what would work for your business and where small gestures can reap big rewards.

Say thank you
Manners cost nothing and if you are in business, it’s one of the few free things. Always say thank you as this will enhance positive experiences and build relationships for the future.  So, don’t leave things to chance, make your business one that cares about people, not just about the numbers.

Have a free trial to see how call handling will work for your business

If you feel you would like to improve or enhance your existing customer service, why not get in touch on 0333 323 1007 and have a chat about a 7-day free, no-obligation trial today so you can keep building those relationships we all know are so important.

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