End nuisance calls with Face for Business

Ever noticed recently how a number has flashed up on your phone that looked legitimate so you answered it only find it was a sales call?  Companies are working harder and smarter to catch people out in the hope of getting them to answer the phone so they can make a sale…..or worse.  Nuisance calls tend to fit into two categories:

• Real time marketing calls which are made by a human being who will be intent on getting you to talk and ultimately buy something or give away information.

• Automated marketing calls are pre-recorded messages that start to play when you answer the phone and can be just as annoying and problematic.

Both are generally unwanted, a waste of time and can cause you to feel stressed, pressurised and annoyed.  While it isn’t possible to get it right every time, when it comes to nuisance calls, it is worth noting that companies use a database and you can ask them to take you off the list as well as blocking the number yourself.

Next, register your landline and mobile with the Telephone Preference Service. This is a free, official service and if you are listed, organisations cannot contact you unless they have your permission. While it takes 28 days for the process to work, it really can cut down calls.

Keep your details close
Today, more than ever it is so easy to give your details away, but don’t if you can avoid it. If you enter a competition or claim a free gift, look at the marketing ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ boxes to avoid being contacted by that company, and others.

Face for Business deal with nuisance phone calls as part of our service

While you can block some calls from occurring, you can also let someone else take care of them for you, so they don’t interrupt your day or increase your blood pressure.  At Face for Business we deal with nuisance calls as part of service, it’s included in your package. For our clients, this means unwanted calls such as PPI enquiries, utility switching, recruitment services and advertising calls all become a distant memory for them.  So, how do we do this?

All our PAs are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to blocking unwanted sales calls for our clients. With agreement from their clients, the types of calls we block are mostly related to utility companies touting for business or to switch supplier and introductory sales calls from industry specific sales companies. We have an in-house procedure which all PAs follow, and this cuts down on the amount of sales calls that our clients receive, and the largest benefit of using our phone answering service compared to our competitors, is that we don’t charge for these types of calls.

Keep calm and move on
Your PA takes all your calls, real and nuisance, in a polite, professional manner and the ones that might have got under your skin on a busy day, will be water off a duck’s back to them. They go the extra mile to build a relationship with their clients, and have regular dialogue to ensure that our call handling service is working for them.

Blocking them out
If your number does receive sales and marketing calls, we will make a note of them, and block them at the request of our client, making this a problem of the past.

To see how we could help you keep on top of sales calls and stay on track for success, get in touch today on 0333 323 1007.

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